Midwest John Portends New York City Don

Dateline and timeline: early “Florence Friday” evening Wake Forest, North Carolina. Thus far the effects of the hurricane haven’t been too bad in the Raleigh area. I experienced tolerable wind and rain along with a brownout late this morning and a complete power outage fifteen minutes in duration earlier this evening. I’m fortunate!

Midday today the surprising news of Paul Manafort’s cooperation agreement with Robert Mueller broke. As early as this morning I was holding fast to my prediction that Manafort wouldn’t flip. I felt he feared the Russian mob more than jail time. On top of that there was always the chance of a Trump pardon. It certainly appears I read that one incorrectly. All that said my overriding wish is that he is provided with outstanding security.

Every week seems to bring even worse new for Trump as more and more of his associates flip on him in an effort to save their own skins. This week was no exception! While what’s left of Team Trump will spin Manafort as a campaign volunteer who was only there a short time the reality is that Manafort was the Campaign Manager through several crucial time periods. His links to Russia are undeniable and troubling. He attended the infamous Trump Tower meeting and no doubt had many private conversations with Donald Trump himself.

For some inexplicable reason my mind traveled to a theme song to use as a lead-in to a TV news show discussing the matter. In a matter of seconds I settled on John Cougar Mellencamp’s 1983 hit, Crumblin’ Down. I remembered its three line refrain which is:

When the walls come tumblin’ down

            When the walls come crumblin’ down

            When the walls come tumblin’ tumblin’ down


Only after double checking the lyrics did I discover the ominous nature of the first line and first half of the second line of the song.

Some people ain’t no damn good

            You can’t trust ‘em


If that line and a half doesn’t accurately describe Trump and those he surrounded himself with I don’t know what does!

Trump has always looked at loyalty as a one way street demanding it from those who worked for him. That worked when he was on top. When he ran for and got elected to the presidency Trump came into a league like none he had ever played in. It was like moving a high school pitcher straight to the mound in Yankee Stadium and it isn’t working out very well. Trump surrounded himself with people like him; of dubious character. It reminds me of the old Canadian joke about the relationship between the fans and the hockey coach: “We’re with you win or tie.”

The Trump administration is a sinking ship and the rats are deserting it in an effort to save themselves. Mueller has been and continues to approach this investigation like he would a mob investigation because he realized from the beginning that both the Trump organization and administration are organized criminal enterprises. Keep in mind that Manafort can tell the truth about the Trump Tower meeting which places both Donald Trump, Jr. and Jared Kushner in huge legal jeopardy. Don, Jr. will probably stay loyal. What other option does he have? His total “success” and identity is that of a member of the Lucky Sperm Cell Club. Kushner on the other hand saw his father go to jail (courtesy of Chris Christie) and is not willing to suffer the same fate. I have long expected and still expect him to flip (if he hasn’t already). Mueller isn’t going into court or basing a report to the House suggesting impeachment solely on the testimony of Paul Manafort.

The walls are crumblin’ down and Trump and his associates are no damn good.

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