Memorable Malarkey

I have no idea how many words are communicated each day. The number has to be huge and I probably would have to look up the verbiage (and its spelling) to express it anyway. Today, I just want to explore two bits of verbiage from the last few days.

At 4:16 pm EST on Friday, August 4, 2023 Donald Trump communicated on his fake Twitter (or whatever name Elon Musk prefers as of this writing) site the following in all caps, “If you go after me, I’m coming after you.” This is on the day after he swore to a judge that he would do nothing to attempt to intimidate or interfere with any potential witnesses in his DC criminal trial as a condition of his pre-trial release. Is it his memory or just his general mental capacity that is lacking here?

His latest attorney, John Lauro, made the rounds of the Sunday talk shows and called what Trump did a “Technical violation” of the Constitution portraying it as not breaking the law. This is basically a case of Trump-era history repeating itself. It was very early in the Trump administration when then White House mouthpiece, Kellyanne Conway, relabeled a Trump lie as an “Alternative fact.”

I grew up in a rather crude verbal environment and we had a word that would violate my PG rating to describe talk like that. It is eight letters long and starts with a “B”. President Biden is much more refined and uses the word “malarkey” to convey the same evaluation. We are both accurate.

Many of my readers have been parents and all have been little kids. Put yourself in either role and think about using or hearing “Technical violation” or “Alternative facts”. How successful do you feel either would have been?

As to Trump’s communication, (can we call it a “social”?), in the mind of someone who envisions himself as a mob boss with a huge following of temporarily useful idiots it is very much a threat. I don’t think too many of us live in fear of an overweight old idiot coming after us but many incidents prove that he can motivate “lose cannons” among us. January 6th may be the most famous example but it is far from the only one.

Beware the malarkey machine! It is alive and well and will be deployed many more times between here and at least the 2024 election.

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  1. Trump’s comments can certainly be interpreted as warnings to those who might stir his ire by testifying against him…or investigating him…or being on a jury. Someone needs to grow some b/..spine and throw his ass in jail pending trial, and let the appeals play out.

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