Manic Monday

The inspiration for today’s title is the Bangals 1986 hit Manic Monday; the hook line of which is, “It’s just another manic Monday.” Next to Friday, Monday seems to be the biggest political news day under the rule of Trump and with meetings with Vladimir Putin scheduled I do not expect today to disappoint. With that in mind, let’s explore.

I thought a little review of a few more recent events and Trump’s “preparation” for the meeting might be in order. Of course, if you believe what the President says he has been preparing for this and other similar meetings all his life. I am capable of critical thinking and therefore chose not to believe the Liar-in-Chief.

As to Trump himself, after he fled the massive protests of him in London he flew to Scotland to play golf and get as much free press as possible for one of his failing business ventures there. The rules of the course prohibit carts except under doctor’s orders. Trump drove a cart after tweeting about how hard he would be working and that he hoped to get some golf in which is his only form of exercise. Where does hypocrisy stop and plain old lies begin?

Back home the Trump administration scandals are gifts that just keep on giving to progressive and mainstream political writers. Federal watchdogs reported that during his 10 months as Trump’s HHS Secretary Tom Price wasted $341,000 of taxpayer money on flights that did not conform to government policy. How is that draining of the swamp thing going for you Mr. President?

Robert Mueller indicted 12 Russian military officers for their very specific involvement in the hacking of the DNC during the 2016 election. It will be interesting to see how and if Trump addresses this during his meetings with Putin. One possible scenario is that he says he mentioned it during the one-on-one meeting. Of course there will be no record of that meeting and no way of reliably verifying it. Another is that Putin denies it and Trump (consistent with past behavior) believes Putin instead of American and foreign intelligence experts. Maybe he’ll look into Putin’s eyes and see his soul. (The amazing part is that a substantial portion of the American electorate actually believes these fools.)

Sometimes a single word says it all. Such was the case when Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) finished a GOP question by adding the word, “Yet”. One of the Republican Trump enablers asked a witness whether it was true that no Americans had been indicted by Mueller for conspiring with the Russians to hack the 2016 election. Reading political tea leaves is a somewhat dangerous game but anyone who doesn’t expect indictments of Americans for conspiring with the Russians to hack the 2016 elections is really bad at connecting dots.

The Trump administration proved incapable of complying with a court order to reunite children under five who had been forcefully separated from their refugee parents at the border by government agents. It is becoming abundantly obvious that HHS Secretary Alex Azar and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen are liars and incompetent. One of the open questions is what penalty the Trump administration will pay for defying a court order. The most popularly floated one is a per day reduction of the agencies’ budgets until they are in compliance. That will only end up punishing the citizens they are supposed to be helping. My suggestion is to jail Azar and Nielsen. That will send a message and the American people won’t lose anything anyway other than two incompetent employees from the payroll the taxpayers fund.

Before I close I’d like to make a prediction. After looking at the calendar and taking the impending 2018 election into consideration I expect a major development in Russiagate to become public on August 31st. That is the Friday of Labor day weekend. Labor Day is the traditional beginning of the sprint to the finish for elections. That is also consistent with the Monday-Friday thing.

Remember, it’s just another manic Monday.

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