Malarkey And The Unknown

There is a lot of downright laughable disinformation out there mainly being dispensed by Trump and his allies. I’ll cover a bit of that today. Also, as you attempt to evaluate where we stand in relation to 1/6 and the Trump administration keep in mind that there is a huge gap between what is publicly reported (in other words we know) and what is known.

As time goes on the Big Lie keeps revealing itself to be; well, just a lie. It seems that almost all the right wing mythology tales of massive voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, (but notably not down ballot, hmm), come down to the “proof” in Antrim County, Michigan.

I decide to take a look at Antrim County and below are a few facts.
As of 2019 the total estimated population of Antrim County was 23,206. That is every man, woman and child regardless of voting eligibility or registration status. Donald Trump won Antrim County 61.1% to 37.4 % for Joe Biden. In American politics anything 60/40 and above is considered a blowout. The total number of votes tallied for Biden was 5,960. Even if every Biden vote in Antrim County was fraudulent– and that would be the statistical anomaly of all time – Michigan still went to Biden. So, if that is your big proof the only thing you have proven is that the Big Lie is a bunch of malarkey that only a fool would believe. Keep in mind that a large portion of the Trump base resembles that last remark.

I could go on but I don’t want to insult your intelligence. If you still believe Trump and his disinformation specialists in my opinion you lack the intelligence to appreciate this column so why not just seek comfort in the bias of your ignorance and those who will feed it.

Trump has lived by the delay and obstruct game his entire adult life and his strategy in this case is no different. Trump and his inner circle are obstructing the 1/6 Committee at every opportunity in the hope that they can delay its work anticipating that the Republicans take the House back and disband or neuter the Committee. The problem may well be that they are actually running up against two different clocks. While to me the jury is still out on who will win against the January 2023 clock, there is a very good chance that the 1/6 Committee will uncover enough evidence to force the Justice Department into action. They are part of the Executive Branch and their clock cannot end until at least January of 2025.

Much like in basketball, if you commit to the delay game you have effectively burned all other options and you either win or lose by it. In this case I think Trump and his minions (not counting his useful idiots) know they are guilty of several crimes and this delay game is effectively a Hail Mary. (It’s a sports metaphor day for me.) You only throw the Hail Mary pass (or take the buzzer beater half court shot) when you are down and the clock is about to expire. In other words, you are beat and are trying to seize victory from the jaws of defeat.

Last, I’ll take a brief look at us – the public at large. We only know what has been reported. That is short of what is actually known by insiders (on either side) like Trump and his allies or the 1/6 Committee. Have you every noticed that when news breaks and a member of the 1/6 Committee is interviewed they don’t seem the least bit surprised? That is because breaking news to the masses is old news to them.

We only know what they allow us to know; not what they know. In other words, the story will get worse as time goes on.

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