Make It Worse

Time stamp: Wednesday morning

As of this writing both chambers of the Tennessee Republican controlled legislature have passed a bill allowing teachers to carry guns in their classrooms. The only question remaining is whether Tennessee’s Republican Governor will sign it into law. That is largely unimportant since the measure passed both chambers by veto proof majorities that would most likely override a veto anyway.

Tennessee is a state that has experienced a school shooting resulting in six fatalities. The “Good guy with a gun” myth has repeatedly been proven to be false. Yet the legislature passed the bill anyway despite the clear and vocal protest of the people.

This particular teacher arming bill has several disturbing provisions, a few of which I’ll touch on.

The teachers in question will be known only to the senior administrators of the individual school district. Not their peers, students or the parents. This is another case of the Republican selectively being the party of family values and parental rights.

What response an armed teacher/vigilante might take in the event of an incident would be unknown to students, peers and parents supposedly to preserve the element of surprise.

The legislation does not specify how the guns would be required to be stored or carried.

The bill does restrict the allowed firearms to handguns only. It would seem the teacher/vigilante would be outgunned when confronted with an assault style weapon favored in most mass shootings in schools or elsewhere.

Enough for the bill’s glaring shortcomings; let’s get to a few of the root problems.

Tennessee ranks 40th in public education. If the Republicans are serious about improving educational outcomes in Tennessee – which they aren’t – they might want to concentrate on bringing that number up by a lot.

There are only seven states that have a gun homicide rate of greater than 10 per 100,000 in America. Tennessee is tied for sixth at 10.2. It is clear that Tennessee already has a gun homicide problem. Adding more guns to the mix is far from a solution!

(Here are the seven states in order: Mississippi at 19.8, Louisiana at 17.4, Alabama at 12.9, New Mexico at 10.9, South Carolina at 10.7, Illinois and Tennessee tied at 10.2. Five red, one blue and one purple. You derive whatever conclusion you want from that.)

Republicans like to blame our mass shooting problem on mental health issues. The Republican dominated Tennessee Legislature may be the proof of this but not in the way the Republicans intended.

America has a gun problem and the Republicans are making it worse. They will continue to until the voters stop them by not electing or reelecting them!

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  1. Illinois is only on that list because of Chicago, which is right across the border from red Indiana.

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