Lurking Dangers

Two articles came to my attention in the past few days. Neither one by themself warranted an entire article. While on the surface they appear quite different; they are actually similar in that they are dangerous. One will look like the outline of a Michael Crichton novel, the other the outline of a political thriller. Both are very, very real and the scary part is that they are flying mostly under the radar.

There are reports that with the thawing of the Siberian permafrost a long dormant worm has been resurrected. The lesson to be learned here is that with climate change creatures and more threateningly viruses long thought to be extinct may be unleashed upon us. I am among the large school of thought that the last (is it really over yet?) pandemic will be seen again. It was likened to the pandemic of 1918. I am among the many that thinks it will not take another century to see its successor.

We largely dodged the bullet with COVID-19 and even then, it took the better part of two years to render the situation, for lack of a better word, controllable. Will we get as lucky next time? Rest assured, there will be a next time.

It may be a bit of American arrogance, but  in the contemporary world I believe that as goes the United States so, to a large degree, goes the globe. Imperfect as it may be our Constitution is a wonder. Our system of government and self-rule is based on a few principles; among them is a system of checks and balances along with the belief that no man is above the law.

I believe that in the explicit script of the Constitution, (and note the use of the word “explicit”), the Judicial branch, or at least the Supreme Court part of it, largely remains (to go Orwellian) a bit more equal. Associate Justice Samuel Alito, while ignoring the obvious, has loudly proclaimed that of late. I’ll contend that at least part of his motivation is that his personal corruption has been publically exposed recently. What is being called for is a code of ethics for the Court complete with oversight. Alito, among other doesn’t want that because it would derail the gravy train that many of the Justices so enjoying riding. Or should I say gravy plane? Or perhaps gravy super yacht?

Alito has proclaimed that Congress has no constitutional right to pass any legislation regarding the Court. Keep in mind that any legislation would not only have to pass both chambers (most likely including clearing cloture in the Senate) but be signed by the president (barring the override of a veto, which is even more difficult to imagine). So what Alito is suggesting is that the Court is superior to the combined Legislative and Executive branches.

If you wanted to make things really simple you could say that today’s article was about worms and judges. The concerning part is that herein they are depicted to be similar and dangerous creatures. In this case the dangerous are in only barely lurking in the background.

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