In 1967 the Supreme Court’s unanimously decision in Loving v Virginia made interracial marriage legal in America. To put the time frame in perspective I, who have been retired for years, was playing high school basketball (very poorly!) in 1967. Today the radical majority on the Court appears ready to overturn that ruling. Just what would that mean in 21st century America?

For a variety of reasons, it would take at least a few years for the Court to overturn Loving but time flies. Many interracial marriages have taken place since 1967 and many more “mixed race” children have been born. What is to become of them?

Obviously overturning Loving would preclude any legal interracial marriages from that point on. What about the existing ones? Would they be grandfathered in or would they be instantly dissolved? If the latter, can you imagine the insuring chaos? What of the children; are they suddenly deemed illegitimate? What about joint property?

Now let’s explore the fate of those “mixed race” children for a bit. Since interracial marriage would now be illegal in America what are they considered? Keep in mind interracial marriages are much more than just Black-white marriages. Would the offspring of an interracial marriage only be allowed to marry someone of the same ethnic background (and obviously of the opposite gender because same-sex civil marriage would go in the same sweep; but that is a topic for another day)? Would the racist xenophobes differentiate between say Korean and Chinese or just dump several ethnic heritages in a single racist bucket based on their ignorance, fear and prejudice?

Perhaps they would revert to white supremacy and simply consider nothing but “pure” (by their definition) white blood as one and all other an inferior class. There is an element, which has largely taken over the once great Republican party, that desperately wants to return America to the 50s – the 1850s that is.

If all this sounds preposterous to you, I ask you to pause and think again. The anti-abortion movement came out of the segregation/discrimination movement. It was less controversial and easier to raise funds for. (Don’t ever forget to follow the money in politics!) This is just the circle looping back.

Speaking of abortion. If a woman is raped and impregnated by a man of a different race under the coming abortion laws she would be forced to give birth. Upon giving birth could she be arrested for outlawed interracial sexual intercourse? What about the illegal child?

Does all this sound crazy to you? I basically agree and the Republicans are the source of the insanity. The solution is simple: Let people love who they love. In order to maintain that in today’s America do not vote for any Republican; tragically until the GOP redeems itself it is that simple.

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