Lone Virgin In A House Of Ill Repute

Baring something really huge happening the big story of last week occurred on Monday morning with the announcement of a guilty plea and two other indictments of three Trump confederates. Inside the Donald Dome it was a very different story. The scary part is that a small but significant portion of the Republican primary electorate actually believes the malarkey coming out of the White House.  Let’s explore.

Going into the prior weekend news leaked that the Mueller investigation (the only thing one worth actually paying attention to) had successfully indicted someone associated with the Russiagate investigation. We didn’t know who or what the charge(s) were.  Early Monday morning that drama started to unfold with the surrender of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort along with his deputy and longtime business associate Rick Gates.  Twelve count indictments were unsealed against each including counts of conspiracy against the United States of America and money laundering.  Within an hour or so that proved to be the overture to the real symphony when it was reported that former Trump campaign foreign policy advisor George Papadopolous pled guilty to the charge of making false statements to the FBI.  From there it only got worse for the Trump administration – unless you believe them.  (My readers are too smart to do that!)

Papadopolous was arrested in July and had actually been convicted on October 5th, Without getting too much into the weeds, (in all honestly we don’t know all the details), Papadopolous had been cooperating with the investigators for most of that time period.  If you were with the Trump campaign, had participated in shenanigans and had contact with Papadopolous since his arrest you have good reason to worry because what you communicated to him went straight to Mueller and his team.  Papadopolous’ plea alone proves an effort to collude with the Russians on the part of the Trump campaign.

What would be the Trump team’s strategy in the face of this new revelation? The answer is the same old strategy of diversion and deception.  In cleaned up street language: malarkey and lies.  White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders held her press briefing/disinformation session Monday afternoon which she started off by bragging about the Trump Tower Tax Cut (which really doesn’t exist yet and is in greater jeopardy with each passing day).  Then she told a long debunked right wing chain email story about beer and taxes.  The first question from the assembled White House Press Corps dealt with the legal news of the day.  Sanders dismissed it saying it had “Nothing to do with the President”.  Let me get this straight Sarah, three campaign aides are either indicted (and I know all about the “ham sandwich theory”), or plead guilty and it has nothing to do with the candidate they helped get elected.  Hmm.

When outlining his foreign policy advisory staff to the Washington Post Trump (who there is photographic evidence of personally meeting with Papaodopolous) bragged of his qualifications and called Papadopolous an “Excellent guy”. As part of the spin former Trump campaign aide MIchael Caputo called Papaodopolous the “Coffee boy”.  If you are a conservative (a real conservative not a Tea Party person masquerading as a conservative) about the only achievement of the Trump administration to date is getting Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court.  (Albeit with two tremendous assists from Mitch McConnell – one of which is arguably unconstitutional –  and another from JIm DeMint).  Question: who fetches coffee during meetings of the Supreme Court justices?  Answer: Neil Gorsuch.

This is far from over! Most legal experts and political observers expect more charges and indictments.  (Don’t be surprised if Manafort and Gates face more charges before this is over.). Already Cory Lewandowski and Sam Clovis appear to have been implicated.  Personally I like John McCain’s metaphor of this investigation being a centipede and many more shoes are still to fall.

Trump wants to portray himself as pure while all around him are sullied. He would want you to believe that he is the lone virgin living in a whorehouse.  I will conclude now so that all of you who choose to believe him have time to chase the unicorn off your lawn.

This article was written well in advance of publishing to accommodate my travel schedule,

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