Lies, Plots And Reinforcers

Most Presidents get caught in an occasional lie. President Trump is on a record pace having exceeded 2,000 documented lies during his first year in office. Being selective in which facts you utilize to reinforce your points is part of the art of political speaking. Selecting your own “facts” is just plain lying. I was among the first to label this administration as an organized criminal enterprise. Now we are starting to hear rumblings that perhaps it should be pursued using RICO laws. Miraculous as it is, one of the main reasons Trump has gotten away with his actions this long is the army of enablers he has either turning a blind eye and deaf ear to his lies or actually coming out attempting to justify them. I’d like to explore some of those actions with you today.

Trump and his GOP enablers are running around calling the Trump Tower Tax Cut tax reform. It is nothing of the kind. It reformed nothing that most Americans consider wrong in the tax code. All it really did was give the wealthiest among us a tax break.

Years ago, when I remodeling a house I started with controlled demolition to make way for the new and improved. That entails things like reciprocal saws and crowbars; not dousing the house in gasoline and striking a match. It will take some time but left unchecked the Trump Tower Tax Cut will do significant harm to the American economy and the vast majority of American people.

There is an ever increasing archive of Trump lies that include the lies we know the moment they are uttered and/or tweeted and those that will be proven to be lies as time goes on. How long can this go on before the public at large becomes aware of the volume and magnitude of them? Or is that all part of the Russian inspired plot to let democracy destroy America when its citizens decide not to participate? That is the root danger we face and the vast majority of Americans do not even recognize it.

I contend that the Republican war on public education (and it started well before Trump, he just allowed it to come to a higher level) is part of a plot. The idea is to dumb down and indoctrinate the population so that it can be more easily controlled. I maintain that the reason they hate Common Core so much is because it promotes critical thinking. People capable of critical thinking that have facts available to them are not likely to vote Republican. This will also limit social mobility which helps provide an exploitable labor force. In other words, if you are not very bright and are kept in the dark or lied to you are placated with whatever “opportunity” you are presented with. That is commonly expressed in the “Well, it’s a job” attitude. That “rational” basically concludes that you are so unworthy and valueless that you should consider yourself lucky to have anything.

The war on public education and the war on unions are both key parts of the modern day Republican Party’s playbook for a reason. Divide and conquer while you dumb them down and they will be obedient to your financiers.

Most elected Republicans have simply become Trump enablers. A few out of fear, but most because while they might not like him personally or support his tactics they support the results. With the possible and occasional exceptions of Senators Susan Collins of Maine, John McCain of Arizona and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska I am hard pressed to come up with a Republican member of Congress who is not a Trump enabler.

While the elected officials are bad enough, Trump’s “paid staff” is a hoot. We have a Cabinet with the exception of Secretary Of Defense James Mattis that does all but kiss Trump’s ring at the commencement of a meeting. Then we come to spokespersons.

Who can forget Kellyanne Conway of the “Alternate facts.”? While sometimes subject to interpretation there are only facts; everything else are lies.

I admit that I miss Sean Spicer. Not because he was honest or particularly good at his job. No I miss him because he was so bad at his job that he was entertaining. It was obvious that Trump sent him out to defend the lie of the moment and it was actually humorous to watch him try to do it.

Now we have Sarah Huckabee-Sanders. While I don’t know her personally she strikes me as someone lacking in both intellect and personality. I decided to concentrate on watching her closely during the Q&A segment of a recent press briefing. She becomes disinterested after the first few words of a question. It is obvious she has pre-written answers for anticipated questions and after hearing a key word she looks down at her notes. That is a point where spin transitions into lies.

Sarah has a condescending attitude that particularly annoys me. She acts as if she is so mentally superior to the entire press corps. Just what does she base that on?  She is just a member of the Lucky Sperm Cell Club. Other than in a Trump or Mike Huckabee administration does anyone (other than Sarah) actually believer she could be the White House Press Secretary?

An incompetent and corrupt leader facilitating plots against the interests of the American people surrounded by enablers; other than that we are in good shape.

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