Let’s See Now

Late last week in London with the international press assembled President Trump called the Mueller investigation a, “Rigged witch hunt.” His very clear implication is that it is merely politically motivated theatrics meant to undermine him and his administration. Let’s explore.

A matter of a few hours after Trump’s pronouncement to the press Rod Rosenstein announced the indictment of 12 Russian military officers for their involvement in the hacking of the DNC in an effort to interfere with the 2016 election in the favor of then candidate and now president Donald Trump. In order to fairly appraise Trump’s statement you need to know that he knew of the indictments before he took to the podium.

Prior to Rosenstein’s announcement the Mueller probe and somewhat ancillary investigations had already sent one person to prison, another is in jail pending two trials because he kept violating the terms of his bail agreement, several have pled guilty and are awaiting sentencing and a plethora of other indictments have been handed down from various grand juries.

The only somewhat similar political scandal in the lifetime of any living Americans is Watergate. In that then President Nixon was involved in the break in at the DNC in an effort to steal information to gain a political advantage in the 1972 election. That was strictly a domestic caper and Nixon ended up resigning in disgrace under the threat of certain impeachment. It took two and one half years to play out. If Russiagate ultimately leads to Trump it is much worse.

Retiring Republican Representative Trey Gowdy is a sometimes Trump defender (it seems to matter on whether Gowdy is looking for a federal judgeship or plans to run for the GOP presidential nomination). He was the leader of the Benghazi investigations that were a clear attempt to hurt Hillary Clinton’s chances in the 2016 election. (Who can forget the 11 hours of grilling Hillary received before his committee only to hand the Republicans their lying and ignorant behinds during it?) Those hearings went on for well over two taxpayer funded years and produced absolutely zero indictments. They sure did fill a lot of Fox air time though.

I’ve all but given up on the House until at least after November. In fact in recent years my respect for the mythical average House member has greatly diminished. As a whole I think Senators are much sharper.

We need the Mueller investigation because it is the best chance we have of getting enough Republican Senators to realize the extent and seriousness of foreign (primarily Russian) interference in American democracy via election interference. Currently too many GOP Senators are in willful denial of the situation because it is politically advantageous for them to be or as a tradeoff for achieving some philosophical political goals like deregulation or the appointment of right wing federal judges.

We have seen the difference between Republicans and Democrats recently. Democrats fess up and resign (or are forced to). Republicans like Trump, Roy Moore and Jim Jordan simply deny and carry on until and unless removed by the people.

Let’s see now all you “Trumpers” out there, do you really want to talk about the validity and necessity of the Mueller investigation?

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