Lessons From The Really Not That Distant Past

The past is a great teacher. I’ll expand on that today.

The Montgomery Bus Boycott began in 1955 and continued into 1956. That is within my lifetime but I must admit I learned of it from history. My earliest memory was a self-deception that occurred around that time. It’s of two great danes that appeared to be the size of horses to me. Everything is larger in the eyes of a child. I can think of two from 1956: moving into my parents’ first house and watching the conclusion of Don Larsen’s perfect game (on TV) in the 1956 World Series. (I must admit I was too young to grasp the full significance especially of the latter.)

OK, personal childhood memory references aside, the Montgomery Bus Boycott taught us the effectiveness of customers withholding their purchasing power. The principle is alive and well today if only we use it. California’s Democratic Gavin Newsom (15 years my junior) seems to be on that course.

In the wake of Walgreens’ decision not to sell Mifepristone in any of its stores, including in states where it is legal, Newsom tweeted the following:

“California won’t be doing business with @walgreens – or any company that cowers to the extremists and puts women’s lives at risk.

We’re done.”

This safe and effective drug is not only used in abortions but is also widely used to “complete” miscarriages. (This is the second time I have used that verbiage. I apologize if it is clumsy, I fear it might be. My intent is certainly not to make light of the situation or offend anyone!)

The right wing in this country appears to be happiest when they act like bullies. The political left can be just as, if not more, effective while acting civilly. Congratulations on your action Governor Newsom! I hope this is a lesson for others and they follow your lead.

After all, women’s rights are human rights and its not only women’s lives at stake here. Since when did being pro-life include withholding what is often life saving medical treatment?

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  1. I want to hear a story about a Walgreens employee who is in need of this drug and can’t get it. Let the spirit of Kansas overcome this misogynistic outrage!

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