Least We Forget

The war in Ukraine has been going on for over six months now. With all else that is going on in the world it is easy to forget. That’s exactly what Vladimir Putin wants you to do and is his best chance to win.
I’m as guilty as anyone else in letting the war “slip below the fold”. Today I’m bringing it front and center. This article is being penned on Tuesday morning. A “time stamp” is necessary because some of the events depicted are dynamic. Today’s leading motivators are the morning New York Times and the BBC. Please continue reading and it will become clearer.

An article in the New York Times spoke of American intelligence reports that Russia is buying artillery ammunition from North Korea. Now North Korea is not exactly an industrial powerhouse. This means the Russians are buying from the North Korean stockpile. (Just a guess on my part, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the munitions were actually manufactured in Russia.) A few days ago it was reported that Russia was buying drones from Iran. Assuming both of those reports are true, that tells me that at least in part the sanctions are working and Russia is forced to buy from secondary suppliers. It also helps identify the “global nogoodniks” – as if we needed a “road map”.

Turning to the BBC, this morning’s radio coverage was dominated by Liz Truss assuming the office of Prime Minister. Truss is a member of the Conservative Party and her champions predict that she will rule in the Thatcher-Reagan mold. Yet, if rumors are true her first economic move(s) will be very much unlike that duo.

As in many countries inflation is front and center in the minds of the UK voters. In no aspect of the household economy is inflation an issue more than in energy costs. In the UK and elsewhere energy costs are the major driver of inflation. That can be directly traced back primarily to Putin’s war.

As an aside, a spelling play struck me. Do you realize that in spelling their names the only difference between Trump and Truss is that the “mp” has been swapped for “ss”. I hope it is just a silly fact and not an omen!

There are also unconfirmed reports that Putin is considering a military draft because he is running out of troops. Short of nuclear war – which changes the game completely and then all bets are off – Russia cannot outlast a western supported Ukraine. That is why these desperate and long term unsustainable measures are being taken and/or contemplated by Moscow.

An American led West again has to once again be the arsenal of democracy. The question remains how long the West, especially the relatively pampered America, will continue to support Ukraine. Ukraine, and with it democracy, are as strong as their support network.

We have Putin on the ropes; this is no time to let up! Don’t forget!

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  1. Lest we be confused, being Trumped is worse than being Trussed. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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