Lead, Follow Or Get Out Of The Way

Today’s article is an exercise in futility in that it is an open letter to President Trump. That takes nothing away from the facts that it is both good advice and would produce a good outcome for both America and the world.

Dear Mr. President,

There is an old adage that says lead, follow or get out of the way. For the good of mankind you should heed it. Let’s take those three options in order as they apply to you.

Your three plus years in the White House have been bizarre but your mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic has really brought your incompetence to light. You have proven yourself to be incapable of leading so that eliminates option #1.

For the most part your team is composed of sycophants or open positions. However there is still a plethora of good people in the federal government. Most of them you have intimidated into hopefully temporary silence and compliance. Some you have outright ousted. However a few capable and knowledgeable people still are in only partially muzzled service; the prime example is Dr. Anthony Fauci. An intelligent, capable executive would evaluate their suggestions and then with perhaps minor modification follow them. Sadly you are not an intelligent and capable executive. Therefore option #2 is off the table.

That leaves only option #3: get out of the way. If we had a capable Cabinet you would have been removed a long time ago via the 25th Amendment. However, for the most part you surrounded yourself with people who no other president in history would have even seriously considered for a Cabinet post and they have no option but to be loyal to you. In many cases you put the fox in charge of the henhouse presenting them with a unique opportunity to (again hopefully temporarily) ruin their agencies.

The Mitch McConnell controlled – he who distributes the extorted “gold” makes the rules – Senate majority kept Mitch’s co-Don in office despite compelling evidence of your guilt in your impeachment; (by the way, congratulations on being the first American president in over 150 years to be impeached in their first term.)

Since the Cabinet and the Senate refuse to do their constitutional duty and remove you from office and if you keep doing what you are doing at least 100,000 Americans will die before the electorate can remove you I call on you to resign. For mankind you must exercise option #3 and get out of the way.

I have a suggestion for you. Since this is a time that calls for leadership please take Vice President Pence with you. Well, I know you never really liked him and would not want to literally hang out with him after your retirement, but at least have him resign with you. Looking at his track record of handling an AIDS situation as Indiana Governor and his performance heading up your Coronavirus Task Force he obviously also lacks the courage and intelligence to lead America in this challenging hour of its history.

In that scenario until the American people can elect a new leader and they be inaugurated in January, Nancy Pelosi would be president. Then we would have a person in the Oval Office with a proven track record of leadership.

The near term is challenging. Balancing the economy and the health of the nation is not an easy task. Obviously you have proven incapable of doing it. America is in the midst or on the brink of the Trump Depression and we lead the world in both coronavirus cases and deaths.

This letter is a bit long for your attention span if you have to read it. Hopefully you will find someone in the White House capable of reading something this long and courageous enough to read it to you. Alas, my preface was correct; this is a futile effort.

With grave and well-founded concern,

Larry Marciniak

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