Larry’s Choice

There are advantages and disadvantages to being your own boss. I have complete discretion over what I write and when I write it. I can be a cruel taskmaster at times but that was not the case yesterday morning. Let’s explore.

You probably expected a review of last night’s presidential debate in today’s column. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow (unless I decide it wasn’t worth writing about). I decided that since I’m in what I term Phase II of retirement I wasn’t going to stay up late and race the clock to get an article posted by 1am EST considering the debate should last past 10:30pm. My pre-debate prediction is that it will be able to summarize in the words: Trump repeatedly lied.

I have to admit that as I pen this I am much more interested in the outcome of the 5pm Blue Jays at Rays game than the 9pm debate. As a side note: I wonder what the TV ratings in the debate host city of Cleveland will be with the Indians in a 7pm starter versus the Yankees? Unless the Rays game goes extras I should be able to catch both the game and the debate live.

All that said I will use today as another catch up day.

One Million

The world surpassed the one million mark in official coronavirus fatalities. Hell of a hoax. If you are wondering how Trump led America stacks up let’s just look at two numbers. We have a little over 20% of the official fatalities with a little less than 5% of the global population. If that is an “A” (the grade Trump gave himself) I’d hate to see what an “F” looks like.

A Jinxed Position ?

Trump’s first 2020 Campaign Manager, Brad Parscale, was Baker Acted over the weekend. His second 2016 Campaign Manager (I believe Trump gave him some other official title) Paul Manafort, is in federal prison. Maybe that’s not a very good job. Add to that the fact that Michael Caputo is currently on a leave of absence in large part because he was afraid of the shadows in his DC apartment.


Perhaps I shouldn’t be commenting on this one but I find it intriguing. I am not very technologically savvy and I don’t completely know what TikTok is or how it works. That being said I find it interesting that Trump would be injecting himself into its “sale” and then giving the deal his blessing. Since when does the president play priest over business deals? (I feel somewhat vindicated in that Kara Swisher said she finds the deal confusing. She is a business/technology expert.) Could it be that Trump wanted to wet his beak on the deal or is it just my suspicious mind combined with Trump’s sleazy history?


When the Big 10 announced that they would play football this fall President Trump immediately took to Twitter to claim credit for the decision. When players contract COVID-19 will he accept responsibility?

Over 1,000 Reasons

I was revealed that 1,010 Americans have been shot and killed by police in the last year. Can you see why many people are concerned and questioning the actions of the police? I can. They can’t all be good shoots.

Loved it!

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is one of the most obnoxious members of that body. (He should be happy Ted Cruz serves with him.) Paul is little more than a weird member of the Lucky Sperm Cell Club who has always bent the rules and gotten away with stuff most of us couldn’t. Dr. Anthony Fauci (who, unlike Paul, is legitimately Board certified and an expert in his specialty) finally had enough of Paul’s lies last week in a Senate hearing and lowered the boom on Paul in a hail of truths.


This item received disturbingly little press. Last week it was revealed that a massive research project discovered the COVID-19 virus is mutating. We only have educated guesses and partial treatments for the infection and outside the Donald Dome a vaccine is still months away but the “opponent” is changing. Buckle up; we are in this one for the long haul especially if the incompetent Trump should remain in office. Inaction and lies do not make are not a winning game plan.

An October Senate Work Week

The Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham, has scheduled confirmation hearings for Trump’s nominee Amy Coney Barrett for Monday October 12th through Thursday October 15th. No doubt the rush is on. Trump wants a loyalist on the Court before the election and Graham is hoping the hearings serve as commercials for him as he faces the most serious challenge of his career from Democrat Jamie Harrison. If only Trump and the Senate Republicans took the economic crisis as seriously! (The Democratic controlled House passed the Hero’s Act back in May; Mitch McConnell has yet to bring it to the Senate floor for debate and a vote.)

Rights And Right

There is an old saying: Just because you have the right to do something doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. Trump has the right to nominate a Supreme Court nominee to replace the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Graham has the right to call the hearings and McConnell has the right to put the nomination on the floor regardless of the results of the hearing. All that doesn’t make any of those actions morally right when you considering the closeness of an election where both the presidency and the Senate majority are in serious jeopardy.

Even if you don’t enjoy the debates enjoy the baseball playoffs. Go Rays!

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