Labor From Several Perspectives

Today is Labor Day. I could do some fluff piece and call it a day but I wanted to take a slightly different look at the working and hiring processes. I hope you will find it interesting. I know you will find it unique.

I’ll start with an overview of the state of organized labor in America today. I am pro-union and convinced that almost all benefits American workers enjoy were won by unions. The decline/stagnation of workers compensation can be directly traced to the Republican war on labor which began under Ronald Reagan. Of late unions are on the rebound. The gains are small but encouraging largely in that they have occurred mainly in the growing service industries (i.e. Amazon and Starbucks) and have taken place mostly because many younger and better educated workers are trapped at that level.

Looking ahead I fear what will happen when (it’s not if) many cases reach the Supreme Court. The Fascist Five, led on this issue by Neil Gorsuch, are vehemently anti-labor. Among his many anti-labor rulings Gorsuch actually declared that a worker should die rather than disobey his company’s orders. That is not hyperbole; it is fact!

Largely overlooked but importantly we currently have a president in Joe Biden who is pro-union. In fact, he and his Cabinet often speak of good paying union jobs. Unions built America’s middle class and they are the only thing I see that can bring it back and with that action an elevated standard of living for the masses.

Now I want to look at the job Americans have done as “hiring mangers” in recent years. In 2016 they elected Donald Trump who brought us three of the Fascist Five, (Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh along with Gorsuch). Does anyone really think Hillary Clinton would have nominated any of them?

In 2020 basically the same electorate selected Joe Biden.

I won’t bore you with the details, but in your mind juxtapose the three resumes and tell me that if it were your business and you were hiring a manger you would have ever hired Trump.

As voters we are all hiring managers. Our first obligation – largely to ourselves – is to show up. Americans have a lousy voter turnout rate. Next, we are best served if we select the best person for the job. This is among the reasons I find any sort of gender, race etc. discrimination so stupid. For my money I want the best available person. Remember that any elected official is your employee.

Now enjoy your day off if you are fortunate enough to have it off. Unionized or not; unions got it for you.

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