Justifiable Treason? No Resign!

Trump has no reasonable legal defense against the mounting evidence of his crimes. Should, as expected, the Democrats take back the House in November his only hope is the court of public opinion influencing the Senate not to convict him in an impeachment proceeding. (Should he go before a court of law it is another matter entirely.) In my opinion his strategy has a slim chance of success, but when you are down seven with seconds to go you throw the Hail Mary. Let’s explore.

Trump appears to be guilty of several crimes and/or impeachable offenses. He has a legal team that with one exception most Americans wouldn’t rely on to get them out of a traffic ticket. His lead spokespersons are Rudy Giuliani who no Republican, let alone Democrat, has taken seriously in years, Jay Sekulow whose political legal “experience” is being a talking head, at that primarily on Fox News and the equality difficult to like and believe Sarah Huckabee-Sanders.

The latest PR strategy is to admit to the previously denied criminal activity and then say it really isn’t a crime after all. People of my generation keep comparing Russiagate to Watergate. This “justification” smack of Nixon’s “Well, when the president does it, that means it is not illegal” answer to David Frost. In Nixon’s defense at least that comment came well after his resignation,

Last weekend in defense of his son Donald, Jr., Trump tweeted of the infamous June 2016 meeting with Russians, “This meeting was to get information on an opponent, totally legal and done all the time in politics – and it went nowhere.”

Opposition research given at no monetary cost is an in kind donation. If an individual or entity decides to donate it to a campaign it must be disclosed as such in filings. It was not. In fact Trump appears to have been involved in the cover-up which for a long time denied the meeting ever even took place. Donations from foreigners are strictly and specifically prohibited in American political campaigns. This meeting was illegal! I operated at the lowest paid rung of a Presidential campaign and knew that elementary fact. In fact any patriotic American who knew what they were doing would have not only refused the meeting, but immediately notified the FBI. By the way, stupidity and ignorance of the law are not acceptable defenses in American courts.

How would Trump know what is common practice in American political campaigns? Had he ever won public office before 2016? No. In fact he had never run for office or worked on a campaign in his life prior to that. His campaign was a portent of his administration; disorganized, unqualified, ineffective and corrupt. As of this writing several of his campaign advisors have already pled guilty, one of his campaign managers is sitting in the first of two scheduled trials and more indictments look very likely.

This meeting was clearly part of a conspiracy which is a crime. Whether or not it went anywhere is irrelevant to the commission of the crime of conspiracy. What Trump is effectively saying is that he didn’t really rob the bank; the teller handed him the money.

From this incident alone – and Trump is now admitting complicity in it – Trump is guilty of treason, conspiracy and campaign finance violations; (most likely along with obstruction of justice for his part of the cover-up.) Keep in mind this is but one incident in the entire Russiagate scandal.

Mr. President, Ronny Jackson killed the insanity defense for you months back with the glowing checkup report. You should be ashamed of your actions. You were not running for some state legislature spot in Georgia; the backup team to the backup team. You were running for the highest elected office in the land. We can’t excuse you for being caught in something at the stupidity level act of running around mooning an obscure comedian on TV.

I know you and your minions live in the distorted world of the Donald Dome where up is down and black is white (except for non-white skin color; racism is the glue that binds you and your staunchest supporters). I will ask you to imitate Richard Nixon one last time, forgetting your ego and greed do the honorable and patriotic thing: resign!

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  1. Donald will not resign for the good and honor of the country. He is completely amoral. He will resign only to save his sorry ass!

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