If you have any doubt that the people currently controlling the Republican party want to maintain their positions and expand their control by any means available, please continue to read today’s article. If you have already come to that realization read to gain more conversation fodder.

The Republicans are launching attacks on North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Anita Earls and Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Janet Protasiewicz. Here are a few similarities. Both states are essentially 50-50 states where either a Democrat or a Republican can, and does, win statewide. Both are Democrats. Both are women – yes, I believe that has something to do with, if nothing else, “target selection”. Both won their seats in statewide elections. Both states have Republican controlled legislatures largely due to gerrymandering. In both states the state Supreme Court has authority over the district maps.

In Wisconsin, Protasiewicz is threatened with impeachment. Interestingly she has yet to rule on a single case. How you can justify that is apparently beyond my mental ability.

In North Carolina Earls is under investigation for conduct. The conduct in question is a comment she made at a forum where she was presented with obvious (and by a wide margin) racial and gender inequality in those pleading before the North Carolina Supreme Court. Only an idiot or someone seriously arithmetically challenged would not have drawn the same conclusion she did.

With the election of Protasiewicz, the Democrats gained control of the state’s Supreme Court. In North Carolina the Republicans already control the Court by obviously with Earls seated by too small of a margin for their comfort.

We are dealing with wannabe fascists in today’s upper ranks of the GOP. Totalitarians have historically made the takeover/neutralizations of the courts one of their first projects.

I have to give credit where it is due. Chris Hayes did a great job in highlighting this issue on his MSNBC show All In With Chris Hayes.

Following state legislatures and even more so their Supreme Courts, especially if out of your state, is rather boring and few Americans – other than political junkies like me – have the time for it. American democracy is under attack on many fronts. It won’t preserve itself. We can’t allow the Republicans to make our states laboratories of authoritarianism.

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