Just What You (Didn’t) Need

Based on “ink” the biggest American political story of the week just ended was again the Trump hush money trial. You have been and will continue to be bombarded with news pieces that will predict the outcome. Anyone who claim they can do that is lying. I want to comment on that and more over the next few paragraphs and hopefully make the time you spend reading this worthwhile.

As to predicting the outcome I will not insult your intelligence with any definitive prediction. The reality is that I do not know. The only possibility is that one of the jurors knows; and that would only be if they are determined to hang the jury at all costs. At this point I can only hope that situation is only theoretical.

There are four possible outcomes: guilty on all counts, not guilty on all counts, guilty on some but not guilty on others and a hung jury. Assuming a fair jury, the jury instructions will play a major role in determination of guilt.

The hung jury is the most interesting (and very real) possibility. My fear is that Sun Tzu’s principle outlined in The Art of War could prevail (most battles are won before they are fought) and the trial was “won” by the defense in jury selection. The prosecution needs to go 12-0 on the jury to get a guilty verdict(s); a lone juror could hang the jury resulting in a mistrial which in the short run at least is a win for Trump.

Let’s briefly look at where we are and how we got there. The defense rested on Tuesday after calling only two witnesses. One was the defense lawyer’s paralegal who basically told us that he did some paperwork. Not exactly compelling or enlightening stuff! The other defense witness – who happens to be a lawyer and should know better – did nothing to bolster the defense but did manage to really anger (I’d prefer another word but I’m trying to stay PG) the judge. Not exactly a way to win friends in robes or positively influence the jury.

In a move that did not surprise anyone whose elevator goes all the way to their penthouse and despite numerous statements to the contrary Trump did not testify. Cadet Bone Spurs once again showed he is a liar and a coward. You have to ask yourself if you were falsely accused of fraud and adultery would you remain silent when given the opportunity to testify? Is their risk to testifying? Of course. But bold leaders have to not only take risks; they also have to overcome the obstacles the risks present.

The judge then scheduled closing arguments for Tuesday. This means that Trump got a six-day long holiday weekend. How many criminal defendants in Manhattan are spending those same six days at Rikers?

If there is a retrial – and I’m certainly not getting that far ahead of current events as to predict one or even the possibility of one – here is a suggested “alternative/defense”: the Trump team can say that Melania was really the one behind the payoff and had Michael Cohen act as the bagman for her. Insane? Yes, but no more so that many of the yarns the Trump forces are expecting us to buy.

Speaking of Melania, where is she?

As to Trump this is another case of sometimes the things you thought you knew about people end up getting proven.
Where and how will this all end? I don’t know. Here is what I do know – this is far from over.

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