Just Two

If a sequel to the movie Star Wars was to be shot with the barroom scene having a crowd lacking in intelligence and integrity the casting would be easy. Just use the Republican Congressional delegation. The examples are extensive but in the interest of brevity I will concentrate on just two today, Kevin McCarthy and Madison Cawthorn.

McCarthy is currently the House Minority Leader and the prohibitive favorite to be the Speaker of the House if the Republicans gain control of the chamber in the 2022 election. Considering the impact of gerrymandering alone that is a distinct possibility.

Let’s take a look at recent history with regard to Republican Speakers. Not that long ago we had John Boehner in that spot. His biggest accomplishment in life appears to be making a significant contribution to merlot depletions in America. Boehner can be confused with a lot of things; a genius is not one of them and that is even in his sober moments.

Boehner ended up resigning and was succeeded by Paul Ryan. Ryan had the undeserved reputation as a policy wonk. In reality he was arithmetically challenged. He made Boehner look smart. Unless you are comparing someone to George W. Bush (another recent highly positioned Republican) that is a difficult task. Sadly, McCarthy makes all three look smart.

Recently Speaker Nancy Pelosi was caught on a hot mike (that I think she knew was hot) critiquing McCarthy with the following statement, “He is such a moron.” Saturday’s on-line Washington Post carried an op-ed by Dana Milbank entitled, Fact check: Is Kevin McCarthy a ‘Moron’?. I found it not only entertaining but informative. If I did this correctly here is the link to the article and I suggest you read it:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/07/30/fact-check-is-kevin-mccarthy-moron/. In his article Milbank repeatedly does the worst thing you can do to a Republican – accurately quote them. McCarthy seems to be completely challenged when it comes to communicating in the English language. His “sentences” are very similar to Trump’s word salads. I never though he was overly bright but after reading this I’m inclined to side with Pelosi. Milbank’s fact check style conclusion on Pelosi’s statement is “Mostly true”.

USA Today recently reported that the TSA stopped Cawthorn from boarding a plane with an unloaded Glock 9mm and a loaded clip in his carry-on. He claimed he made, “A mistake.” Based on that airport’s history that is literally what they all say. It appears his penalties will max out at a non-criminal fine and possibly loss of his priority boarding privileges. You have to be kidding me!

First off, Cawthorn is a proven liar. He is a highly visible member of Congress because he is in a wheelchair. That is the result of a traffic accident. Cawthorn tells some great (and tall) tales about the incident. In reality it appears he was a passenger with his feet up on the dashboard on a (probably drunken) boys’ vacation run and was recused from the wreck. His story is much different. I’m truly sad to see him or anyone in a wheelchair but he is hardly the hero of the story! That all said, why would I believe it was just a mistake on his part?

Even if it was a mistake – which I already stated stretches believability – it is still an error in handling a firearm. By committing such an error, he proves that he is incapable of responsibly handling a firearm. In my mind taking all firearms away from him is not only appropriate but in the interest of public safety. Cawthorn has proven himself to be insufficiently responsible to posses a firearm.

In the end Cawthorn will undoubtedly keep his gun and there is a very good chance that unless the American electorate defeats voter suppression, gerrymandering and the increasing potential for voter nullification McCarthy will be the next Speaker of the House.

And these are only two examples.

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  1. To throw a quote of McCarthy’s (about Hillary) back at him, he’s “untrustable”.

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