Just Ramblin’

Today I just want to ramble through some thoughts, observations and a quotation. Having lived in the South for over 20 years I feel I have earned the right to occasionally drop a “g” at the end of a word.

Texas Time-out

Much has been made of the Democrats walking out of the Texas House in order to prevent the Republicans from passing a voter suppression bill. It was a noble gesture that buys time but in the long run I believe it will prove futile.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott will call a special session and the bill will eventually be passed. Voter suppression is his top legislative priority, he is up for reelection in 2022 and he feels he needs to please Donald Trump. Help in the form of passing federal voter protection legislation appears to be stalled in the Senate and unless the filibuster is amended or eliminated it will not get to President Biden’s desk.

This is another case of when the Republicans win the people lose. It will be much more difficult to vote in Texas, which already has one of the lowest voter turnout rates in the country, and the special session will cost money – taxpayer money.

Political Strange Bedfellows In Israel?

As of this writing it appears that a coalition is being formed in Israel that will spell the end of Bibi Netanyahu. The apparent kingmaker in the coalition is a small, far right party.

I am far from an expert in Israeli politics; on the bold assumption that such a person even exists. However here is what appears to me to be happening. We know Israel has had four recent elections during which no party has been able to win a majority or form a government. The conventional wisdom is that Netanyahu gained strength as a result of the recent hostilities. The calculation may be that he would win a fifth election. Therefore, enough disparate players were willing to “hold their collective noses” and form an unlikely coalition. This would be enough to oust Bibi. How this coalition will function and how long it will last are two very valid other questions.

Flight Risk

It appears the legal walls are collapsing on Donald Trump. If he is arrested (and there are a lot of ifs there!) whether he is held in custody or released will be interesting. He has a private plane which literally means he is a flight risk. Will any judge have the fortitude (hey, I try to stay PG) to incarcerate him pre-trial?

I could see him fleeing to a country where extradition is for all intents and purposes non-existent (i.e Russia or Belarus). The solution is actually something that is both real and at least theoretically applicable – the RICO Act. Trump’s assets, including his airplane would be confiscated simultaneously to arrest under the Act. Don’t rule that out – or bank on it either for that matter.

Why Is He Still Trying?

I think there are two major reasons Trump and some of his confederates have maintained the Big Lie. The obvious one is that many of them, very much including Trump himself, are making a lot of money off this scam.

The other is a desperation hope. I think there is a possibility that Trump feels the challenges will eventually land him back in the Oval Office. He may actually believe his own malarkey and think that he won the election. If he were to return to office, he would again rig the system and effectively immune himself and people he chooses from prosecution. Belief overpowers fact for many Americans and why wouldn’t Trump be among them?

Want a wild card here? Don’t rule out that Trump issued eleventh-hour pardons that includes himself and a few others. Presidential pardons do not have to be made public when issued. This is another reason that the New York state crimes are so important.

It’s Only A Word; But I Like Hearing It

If you notice Joe Biden uses the word “union” a lot. He talks the talk of my youth and what gave prosperity to the working class in America – “Good union jobs”. I am among those who feel Ronald Reagan did grave and as yet unrepaired harm to America when he went after the unions. If you don’t believe me just juxtapose productivity, union membership and wage data from 1980 forward.
The way I see it the fastest way to bring working class American families back into the middle class is via unions.

The Early Standings

As of this writing my Tampa Bay Rays are in first place in the American League East. It’s early, the division is incredibly tight and at this point a playoff spot, let alone a division championship, would be foolish to predict. All that said I’m happy!

Biden is still in the infancy of his term but a comparison with his predecessor is unavoidable. Biden has given us results, (i.e. The American Rescue Plan along with a huge reduction in both COVID deaths and infections). At this point it’s Biden’s results vs. Trump’s malarkey.

The Vaccine Ad That Should Be Run

The largest vaccine reluctant group is white, Republican males. Studies have linked COVID with shrinkage and ED in males. Target that group with that information and I guarantee you that you will see spike in white, Republican males getting vaccinated.

Words To Leave You With

OK, I promised you a quote and here is one from Thomas Paine in his 1776 pamphlet entitled, Common Sense. “Time makes more converts than reason.” Keep working, it isn’t happening overnight!

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