Just (Expletive Deleted) Vote

Today is Election Day 2018. It is common political rhetoric to describe every election as the most important of your life. The reality is that 2018’s will most likely be the most important election in my remaining years on this planet. The current congressional majority has refused to exercise their constitutional duty to be a check on the presidency and we, the voters, have an opportunity to correct that situation. In many states there are gubernatorial races. In most there are legislative races. These will affect the reapportionment that will come as a result of the 2020 census.

I will be up late tonight and into Wednesday morning checking election results. It will be a one television and two computer night for me. Don’t expect an election night review article on Wednesday morning. The reality is that some of the key results will not be known by “press time”.

I’m not going to make many predictions and certainly no specific ones. The furthest I’m willing to venture is that I expect the Democrats to post a net gain in governorships, take back the House and fail to take back the Senate. I could be incorrect on all three and certainly hope I am on the last.

Just how large the Democrats’ gain in the House is will be determined in California. Several factors will contribute to “late verdicts”. The first is the time difference. The anticipated closeness of several races will make a call shortly after poll closing impossible. California also has one of the most permissive vote by mail statues meaning votes will trickle in for a few days.

A runoff is very possible in both the Georgia governor and Mississippi senate races. We’ll have to see what happens but to me the amusing part is that one of the last vestiges of Jim Crow may come back to bite the racists.

Today’s article is intentionally short. I have one simple message: If you haven’t already, JUST (EXPLETIVE DELETED) VOTE!

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