Judicial Whys

Today is the day most Court watchers expect the Court to announce its final decisions of this term. With this Court you can never tell but I’m willing to bet the justices want to beat the holiday rush out of town. As part of the waiting game, I want to offer my thoughts on why this Court is held in such low regard by most Americans and then end with another unrelated why.

As to why the Court is held in such low esteem, I will offer six answers; the six right wing justices.

Chief Justice John Roberts probably gets the widest respect of the six and yet he is far from the prototype we would use if we were able to clone future Justices. On leadership he has to get a failing grade. What evidence have we seen that he commands any respect at the Court? In the midst of the greatest ethics scandals at the Court in my memory, if not history, Roberts himself asked for an extension to fulfill his obligation to file his financial disclosure form.

Clarence Thomas has been embroiled in controversy since his confirmation hearings. Over the decades his opinions have proven he is not only out of touch with his colleagues but with the mainstream of American opinion. To anyone who has been paying attention it is obvious that he has been for sale, if not directly than via his wife for a long time. ProPublica has done some great investigative journalism lately that has shown direct connections with a right wing billionaire with interests before the Court which Thomas did not recuse himself from.

Samuel Alito has been the subject of another ProPublica exposure. I wouldn’t be surprised if more surfaced but as of this writing we know that Alito received shall we say special luxury treatment from another billionaire with business before the Court.

Neil Gorsuch, son of the first Reagan administration Cabinet member forced to resign, also appears to have been the beneficiary of favorable financial fortune shortly after being confirmed to the Court. After being on the market for some time a property he owned suddenly sold. You be the judge whether this was coincidence or cause and effect.

That brings me to Brett Kavanaugh. During his confirmation hearings he was credibly accused of sexual assault. The subsequent deal the Senate Judiciary Committee made was to pause the confirmation process and have the FBI investigate the allegations. The investigators never even questioned either Kavanaugh or his accuser. All I can say is that if I’m ever the subject of an FBI investigation I want the investigators to utilize this investigation as their template.

The last of the six is Amy Coney Barrett. No major scandals have been revealed about her, yet anyway. However only the willfully ignorant would claim that her nomination and confirmation were anything but a rush job. Unfortunately, that alone brings her legitimacy into question. I don’t want to disparage her because of her religion. (Full disclosure I was raised Catholic.) But she appears to be part of some of Catholicism’s most extreme groups.

OK, for my final question: Why hasn’t the FBI raided Bedminster?

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  1. I have been asking right from the beginning why they didn’t also “raid” Bedminster…and ALL his other properties around the world. It’s too late now. He’s already sold stuff to Putin and the Saudis. The problem with Democrats is they’re too nice. This is hardball, goddammit!

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