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As it turned out Tuesday night’s debate is worth writing about. Much of today’s article will be quotes from Joe Biden, hence the title of today’s article. Let’s explore.

At about 9:03pm EST President Trump and Biden took the stage at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio for a debate broadcast on Fox News and moderated by their only legitimate journalist, Chris Wallace. By 9:15 Trump had turned the stage into Romper Room. Wallace did a good job in an impossible situation because Baby Trump showed up at the podium on the left as you faced the stage.

I’ve been watching presidential debates since 1960 when the modern day era of them began. I may have missed a few along the years but I can’t remember which if any. Starting in 1960 they provided memorable moments and lesson. Tuesday’s affair was like no other and that is most definitely not a compliment!

The following are comments Biden made directed to or referring to Trump:

“That is simply a lie.” Trump lied, a lot!

“I’m not going to listen to him.”

“Everything he is saying so far is simply a lie.”

“Do you have any idea what this clown is doing?”

“This man doesn’t know what he is talking about.”

“He doesn’t have a plan.”

“You are the worst president America ever had.” It’s difficult to determine the worst American president in history, but Trump is certainly in that conversation.

“He blew it.”

“It’s hard to get any word in with this clown.”

“What he did was disastrous for African-Americans.”

“He is Putin’s puppy.”

“He has no idea what he is talking about.”

“Show us your returns.”

“Will you shut up, man?”

“Will you just shut up for a minute?”

Aside from acting like the spoiled child that he is and telling a plethora of predictable and oft long debunked lies, Trump was also responsible for the scariest moment of the debate. When pressed to disavow white supremacist terrorists by both Wallace and Biden he reluctantly sent the following message to the Proud Boys. “Stand back and stand by.” Stand back or stand down would have been prudent and sufficient. Adding the phrase “Stand by” changed the entire meaning and emboldened this (and it is safe to assume every other) radical right wing group. “Stand by” was an order to be ready for action in the near future. Again Trump reminds us of the fascists of 1930’s Europe who  maintained control by the use of force and thugs. If you study history you will find that didn’t end well for Europeans of that era.

I think very few minds were changed by Tuesday’s debate. Trump played to the lowest common denominator of his base which I’m sure loved his antics. Biden may have solidified some of his softer support by often speaking directly into the camera and thereby to the American people. Trump was too busy trying to bully Wallace and Biden to talk to the masses (who, along with his base, he despises anyway).

Mr. Trump here is some free political advice: Declare victory, say Joe Biden insulted the office of the presidency and refuse to take part in the two scheduled debates that remain on the calendar. Debates are a wonderful opportunity to close the gap for a candidate that is behind but not with your antics,

My advice to Joe Biden is to channel his inner Harry Truman and keep telling the truth on him [Trump] if you can actually get more than a quick retort in.

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  1. Oh no! Ugly as they are, the more debates in which we can see what a dangerous, even treasonous, fool Donald is, the better the chances for defeating him in 33 days.

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