Jared Iscariot?

The temperature is flirting with 100 in metro Raleigh on this Sunday afternoon. I’m inside with the air conditioning functioning perfectly so I can’t claim heat stroke as I deviate a bit from my normal writing style. Last week I wrote a “fairy tale” today I’m going to take on a somewhat biblical story. That is especially difficult for a long-time agnostic who was raised Roman Catholic, (Catholics don’t really read the Bible; the priests tell them what to believe – one of the many reasons for my exit from the Church). Enough for the background, let’s explore.

A few months ago there was a joke making the rounds that Trump loved Jesus because they both took over their father’s business and thought they could walk on water. To those who are offended by this joke I apologize and defense my using it because I stole the premise of it as the catalyst of this story. (I guess I’m admitting two sins.)

For months I have written that the downfall of Donald Trump is inevitable. I’m not sure when it will happen and I’m somewhat uncertain of just how it will occur. I feel it will take the form of some sort of resignation and recent events have done nothing to sway my prognostication. I feel in the course of events Trump will be betrayed by someone very close to him who “knows where a lot of the bodies are buried”.

In the Bible Jesus is betrayed by one of his twelve disciples, Juda Iscariot, in exchange for thirty pieces of silver. Jared Kushner is one of Trump’s closest advisors in the White House and also was during the campaign. Kushner is very wealthy and many of his financial transactions are coming under scrutiny as part of the Russiagate investigation. Kushner’s holdings amount to significantly more than today’s equivalent of the value of those thirty pieces of silver but the principle still applies. Judas gave up Jesus for the acquisition of monetary wealth; is it that farfetched that Kushner would betray Trump for the preservation of his and immunity to prison?

I’m not predicting anything earthshattering emanating from Kushner’s scheduled appearances this week on Capitol Hill. In my mind the Congressional hearings are of little consequence to someone like Kushner; it is the Mueller investigation that he fears. Mueller’s investigation could lead to criminal charges. His father served time in prison for white collar crimes – Chris Christie was the prosecutor who put the senior Kushner behind bars – Jared has no intention of going to prison.

Mueller and team are professionals who are very experienced in apprehending white collar criminals and international money launderers. When they finally confront Kushner (don’t count initial meetings or interviews) they will have an iron clad case that they will lay in front of him. As in any investigation of an organized criminal enterprise the goal is to get the top guy, Mueller’s team will be willing to make a deal with one of the key, but lesser, players if they “roll over”. Pampered, Lucky Sperm Cell Club member Kushner is an extremely likely candidate.

I know I’m making a prediction here with only hunches and circumstantial evidence to back it up, but if you are like many Americans and are on “Trump watch”, along with Mitch McConnell I suggest you pay particular attention to Jared Kushner to see when the end is very near. Unlike Judas Iscariot, Jared Kushner will not literally kiss Trump; (with poetic license) to steal from the Rolling Stones’ song Sympathy For The Devil, he will nonetheless seal his fate,

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