It’s Simple, Really

Today is a holiday for those of my ethnic background, so I’ll make this a relatively short and to the point article.

All of my regular readers know I feel the biggest problem in American politics is the outsized influence of money in it. The biggest problem within that problem is dark money. Dark money is money that is basically anonymous. Most of that comes from businesses, many of whom are corporations, (often via sometimes legal “laundering”) and is therefore extremely difficult, if not, impossible to trace it back to the original donors.

I subscribe to Paul Krugman’s economic theory that my spending is your income and vice versa. I am also a believer in the power of economic boycotts. Therefore, I want to know what you do with the money I spend with your establishment. I don’t want to spend money that someone or some entity is only going to turn around and use to fund people who want to kill my grandchildren, destroy democracy and/or make the planet uninhabitable for the species.

To a degree I can see the argument about limiting donations being an infringement on free speech and that money is free speech. A full discussion of that is way too much for today’s article. Let me just say that reasonable regulation, certainly including disclosure, is not infringement.

I just want to know who is funding whom. That way I can chose whether or not to patronize their business which is the real root of the money.

There we go and that was simple.

In closing I’d like to wish a Happy Dyngus Day to all my readers in Poland and the entire Polish diaspora no matter how many generations removed from Poland itself.

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