It’s More Than Just Trump

If polling is to be believed – and it was much more accurate in 2016 than most people give it credit for – if the election were held today Donald Trump would lose by a substantial margin. Hopefully that both holds up and is sufficient to offset the cheating that is already happening and will only get worse as we near Election Day and after. However that is insufficient. Trump is merely the chief clown and spokesperson; the evil runs much deeper. Let’s explore.  

In recent years much of the conversation has revolved around what the Republican Party would do post-Trump as if he was the disease. The reality is he is just the symptom of a much greater and more entrenched disease.

Monday Trump did his best Baghdad Bob imitation. Like Baghdad Bob he wasn’t very convincing to anyone with an above room temperature IQ who wasn’t suffering from Fox Pox. On more than one occasion Monday Trump communicated to the masses, “Don’t be afraid of COVID. Don’t let it dominate your life.” To be kind and succinct Trump is denying reality. The problem is he is not alone.

The federal housing we provide to Mr. Trump isn’t like the housing that my readers and I live in (and pay for). Effectively he went from Walter Reed (a hospital that we pay for) to the White House (among other things a quasi-hospital with a huge staff all of which we pay for). As of this writing he is still on an IV treatment regime. Can you get an IV in your house?

Wisconsin Republican Senator Ron Johnson, subsequent to testing positive for the coronavirus, told a talk show host that there is “…a level of unjustifiable hysteria” surrounding the pandemic. He continued, “Why do we think we actually can stop the progression of a contagious disease?” Then he added “…from day one we should never have gone through the shutdowns. We’ve got to carry on with our lives.”

Over 210,000 American dead from the disease (by official figures which are demonstrably understated) and concern is, “Unjustifiable hysteria”? We have stopped the progression of many contagious diseases throughout history. Senator Johnson, you just carry on; I’ll take prudent action (actually that is the conservative course.)

The insanity is not confined to terra firma. Mississippi Republican Senator Roger Wicker – the Chairman of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee – which oversees airlines was observed having his mask off for extended periods on a Delta flight and twice had to be reminded to put it back on by flight attendants.

According to right wing mythology the Democrats are the anarchists. It looks like Wicker is either too arrogant or forgetful to follow the rules. Who is engaged in anti-social and life endangering actions in this example?

Unrelated to the pandemic but another example of Republicans flat out lying to the voters is the claim Georgia Republican Senator David Perdue made that his Democratic opponent this November was endorsed by the Communist Party. This was not a onetime slip of the tongue. During an October 1st interview with conservative Hugh Hewitt he said, “I’m running against a kid named Jon Ossoff, who has been endorsed by the Communist Party.” The next day while addressing the Faith and Freedom Coalition he said, “And as a matter of fact, my opponent is actually endorsed by the Communist Party of the U.S., if you can believe that.” Not much room for misinterpretation in statements like that.

Today’s Republican Party is the political party of death, disease and lies. Well, let’s be kind and throw in a healthy dose of incompetence too.

Here is what you can do about this situation: VOTE!!!!!!

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