It’s Another Global Issue

Well, as I pen this, I have recently received my “gift” from Donald Trump’s incompetence; earlier today (June 12, 2023) I tested positive for COVID-19. Most likely in large part due to competence of Joe Biden, my symptoms are mild and I’m feeling no worse than if I were suffering a somewhat bad cold. Enough about the twice impeached and (as of this writing) twice criminally indicted ex-president; I have a few other world figures I’d like to comment on today.

I’ll start in the UK where on Friday former (and in the minds of most sane people) disgraced Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned his seat in Parliament. Johnson is a member of the right-wing Conservative party. Johnson said the whole thing was a, “Witch hunt.” Where have we heard that before? I don’t know if the British Parliament has similar ethics rules as the American Congress does, but does this kill a Parliamentary investigation as it would in the American Congress?

Staying on that island and going a bit north, Scotland’s former Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon was arrested Sunday in connection with a financial inquiry. The Scottish National Party is a far-right political party that is advocating for Scottish independence from the UK. Maybe she’ll claim she was just trying to stop the money from going geographically south.

Getting onto the mainland of Europe for a bit, former Italian Prime Minister, Silvo Berlusconi, died on Monday. Like Johnson and Trump, he was a colorful character that seemed to attract controversy and scandal. At least he had a reputation for throwing interesting parties.

Going over to the Arabian Peninsula for our next stop we find that intelligence has leaked indicating that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (better known as MBS) threatened major economic pain to the Biden led US. I can understand this in that his late-night buddy, the Boy Blunder, Jared Kushner, is no longer in the White House. He has a problem with Americans, especially those still angry over his ordering the killing the Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. What good is being a dictator if you can’t kill and dismember the body of someone who writes things you don’t like? Just for the record MBS is not exactly a liberal.

Back on home soil on June 8th Pat Robertson died. Never in my memory or knowledge has a man hatched as many harebrained conspiracy theories and in the process swindled so many people out of so much money. According to Pat all the ills of the world were the fault of left-wing activities. Oh, and it will come as no surprise that he was a staunch Republican supporter.

Trump is garnering the majority of the headlines and I’m primarily concerned with America but the extreme right-wing threat (like climate change) is global in nature.

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