It’s All About The Clock Now

Are you finding following the daily news as it pertains to the Trump administration challenging? You have a lot of company. Are you confused by Trump’s actions? There is a way to make some sense of many of them. Let’s explore.

The easiest part to understand is that Trump cares about nobody other than Trump and that most certainly includes the Republican Party. 2020 looks to be a tough year for Republicans at the national level. The map and the numbers look much like a mirror image of 2018 only this time they favor the Democrats. Some of Trump’s antics make it tough on Republican members of Congress running in 2020 unless they are in a very safe red district or state. If Trump has any shot in 2020 he needs to keep his base intact and showing up at the polls. Meanwhile, since his base is almost exclusively composed of Republican primary voters he maintains control over elected Republican members of Congress who fear a Trump inspired primary.

When analyzing the Trump administration the first thing you have to do is look at it for what it is at its most basic level: an organized criminal enterprise. Trump sees the presidency as a money making machine. Money is his motivation and greed his sin. Look at the Trump administration like you would a mob operation. Trump cares little, if any, about policy; he cares about enriching himself and a small inner circle. The mob really doesn’t care about gambling, prostitution, pornography, drugs and the like; it views them as opportunities to make money. The longer a mob keeps those “enterprises” going the more money it makes and the Don gets a piece of everything. Likewise, the longer Trump controls government decisions the longer Don Trump gets to wet his beak.

As I write this piece the Justice Department has had possession of the Mueller Report for over two weeks. If they wanted to they could have released the unredacted report to Congress a long time ago. The simple reality is that Attorney General Bill Barr is following Trump’s orders not to. If they felt a redacted version was necessary for public release I have a difficult time believing that the report couldn’t have been sufficiently redacted by now.

What we have instead is Barr’s four page book report which whitewashed Trump while not quoting a single complete sentence from a report that is rumored to be around 400 pages in length. That may be good enough for the likes of Ohio Republican Jim Jordan, but not for thinking Americans.

Despite lies to the contrary, Trump will fight every effort to investigate him and report the true findings of said investigations to the Supreme Court if necessary. In fact Trump is convinced he owns five Supreme Court Justices so he actually welcomes a fight at that level. I’m not certain Trump’s analysis is correct and I certainly hope for America that it isn’t.

Trump will certainly be successful at deflecting some of the “incoming” but I doubt he will survive all of it. Too many entities are investigating him and it is unreasonable to expect all of them to be completely thwarted. Unless he is even more unhinged than I think, Trump has to anticipate a loss somewhere along the line. All he can legitimately hope for is to continue his gambit for as long as possible. Every time he buys another time period with a lie or a legal appeal he reaps more money. Just like a mob operation that stays in business for another period of time. In both cases the Don sees more money.

Expect more lies about cooperation and transparency from Trump, his attorneys and minions. To Trump every day the clock continues he steals more money. It is that simple.

While the odds are Trump will run out the clock on any attempt to remove him from office in this term that is not a guarantee. Even if he accepts the Republican nomination in Charlotte on August 27, 2020 don’t be shocked if an intervening revelation causes him to resign and/or drop out of the race. When the money stops Trump will exit. He cares nothing of party, policy or America.

Trump’s bottom line is now all about keeping the clock ticking as long as possible.

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  1. Do we think there will be millions of Americans with shame, or at least chagrin on their faces when “the don” is finally exposed…if not prosecuted? Sadly, I’m afraid most of them will remain in denial. This is the brave new land in which we live.

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