It Was Big To Me

Last week Monday evening was still young when I decided on the topic for today’s article. Most often Sunday’s subject matter is the biggest political story of the week just ended. Today’s topic – and there were many worthy candidates – was not the biggest political story of the week to most, but it was to me.

Monday night I attended the book launch of John Pavlovitz’s, Worth Fighting For, at my local independent bookstore, Page 158 Books in Wake Forest, North Carolina. I had read some of his earlier works and knew much of his backstory. Briefly, John has displayed the courage of his convictions and been willing to pay the price to do the right thing. I’ve long admired him and this was the first opportunity I had to meet the man in-person and shake his hand.

The event followed pretty much the expected format. Page 158 co-owner and personal friend Sue Lucey did a very skillful job of interviewing John, that segment was followed by a Q & A and the evening concluded with a book signing.

Over the next two days I read John’s work. (I’ve already lent it – and in the process spread the word – to a neighbor.) John and I are on the “same highway” pursuing the same “destination” albeit perhaps while traveling in different “lanes”. John’s faith is the basis of his beliefs; and I might add not without some frustration (please pardon the double negative). The audience included believers, atheists and agnostics, but again we were all “on the same page”.

The line in the book that stuck me the most was, “…your religion isn’t what you believe, your religion is how you treat people.” Wow, I wish I had written that! (I found it strikingly similar to Joe Biden’s line about values and budgets.) John writes about the conflict between many peoples professed religious beliefs and their actions which often border on or cross over into hypocrisy. Works like this are important in that as individuals most of us need to know that we are not alone. Not all of us have John’s courage.

Pavlovitz explores what is at stake in today’s America and the how, what and when we can do something about it.

Almost needless to say, I’ve added the book to the Recommended Reading list.

I guess my topic choice is open to criticism to which I will counter, what is more important than working as a community to save American democracy? Thanks John and thanks Sue!

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