It Never Seems To Stop

I guess I can consider myself to be a writer. I’ve been doing this on and off most of my life. I have written for four different newspapers during that time; but this blog is my passion. There is an old adage that a writer never has a day off because if you care about and are any good at what do you are always thinking about it. A few weeks ago my wife and I went to the theater and I spent way too much time analyzing the writing instead of enjoying the wonderful performance. (My wife scolded me and as usual she was correct.) At any rate, I am constantly making observations and writing notes to myself. Today I want to share some of that with you in a series of “quick hits”.

Unlike a lot of other people I don’t claim to know when the Mueller investigation will end. More accurately put they are predicting when he will submit his report which will hardly be the end of Russiagate. If you think we are days away from the end I’d like you to consider just one of the various contrary indications: Rick Gates’ sentencing was postponed again because he is cooperating in various investigations. The chances of Trump running out the clock far exceed the chances of the matter wrapping up soon.

The Brexit situation in the UK is cloudier than ever despite a series of recent votes in the House of Commons. Sounds a lot like the Republicans’ plans to repeal and replace Obamacare. When they had the Congressional seats and the Presidency they couldn’t get the job done because they lacked a leader in the White House and had absolutely no idea of what to do when they repealed Obamacare just like the Russian abetted pro-Brexit people have no idea of what to do after they leave the EU.

I am proud to say that I never watched even part of an episode of The Apprentice but another of the walls closing in on Trump is the case former contestant Summer Zervos has against him. Ironically the New York Court cited the Supreme Court decision in Clinton v. Jones to allow the case to move forward which could compel Trump to give a deposition. Trump under oath or as his supporters like to call it a perjury trap.

Various radical right wing/white supremacist/nationalist/isolationist political movements or parties have emerged in the western world in recent years. In America it is the Tea Party which, like Blackwater, keeps changing its name. In the UK it is the UKIP Party. UKIP (pronounced you – kip) is the United Kingdom Independence Party. If the Tea Party/Trump takeover of the Republican Party leads to its total ruination I suggest they come back as the USIIP Party. USIIP (pronounced you – sip) would be a truth in advertising acronym standing for United States Isolationist and Ignorance Party.

Based on recent Congressional votes and credible public opinion surveys, the majority of both chambers of Congress and the American voting public oppose Trump’s national emergency declaration to fund his wall yet he presses ahead with it.

Trump’s greatest achievement in life appears to be that he learned cursive. Look at how proudly he displays his signature on documents.

Last weekend Trump issued over 50 tweets. They included attacks on Saturday Night Live and the late Senator John McCain. I guess in the Donald Dome a comedy show that airs a few times a month for a few months of the year is serious business. Remember this is a man who gets his security briefings from Fox and Friends. As for McCain (who I often disagreed with on policy) to put it in PG rated baseball terms; Trump couldn’t carry his athletic undergarment.

Acting White House Chief-of-Staff Mick Mulvaney took to the Sunday talk shows to defend Trump during which he stated that Trump is not a white supremacist. Am I the only one who was reminded of Christine O’Donnell’s commercial where she stated, “I am not a witch.”?

That’s enough writing for today; back to thinking and observing.

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