It Keeps Coming In

Today’s article is going to be another of those bits and pieces ones. This one written while awaiting the verdict in Minneapolis.

Broad Street Bullies Theory In Practice

The DHS Inspector General has declined to investigate the Secret Service’s role in the Battle of Lafayette Square where law abiding demonstrators were attacked by federal forces to facilitate a Donald Trump photo-op. The reason given was that the limited resources of his office could be better used elsewhere.

This was probably a prudent decision but it just illustrates the theory of committing so many infractions in such rapid succession as to overwhelm the authorities.

A Prudent Judicial Decision

On Monday in Washington, Federal Judge Timothy J. Kelly jailed two Proud Boy leaders pending their trial for their involvement in the January 6th domestic terrorist attack on the Capital Building. It’s good to see that the judiciary is finally taking the conspiratorial roles and the dangers of these domestic terrorists seriously. This is a far cry from being released into mommy’s custody.

The First Plea Deal?

Last week Friday Jon Schaffer, a founding member of the Proud Boys, entered into a plea agreement regarding his involvement in the January 6th domestic terrorist attack. The deal includes Schaffer’s ability to go into the Witness Protection Program. This is serious stuff!

Don’t be surprised if this all ends up in a RICO case involving the Trump family. I haven’t been using the term “organized criminal enterprise” by accident.

This Is How They Will Get Them If All Else Fails

Last weekend it was reported that the Justice Department is investigating Trump ally Roger Stone over tax issues. At their core Trump and all his allies are little more than poor quality crooks. It’s all about lining their pockets without having to do any work. They lived like they were above the law because, for a short time at least, they effectively were.

Al Capone was one of America’s legendary mobsters, but even he was eventually taken down over tax issues. People like Trump and Stone don’t have anything approaching Capone’s criminal talents or smarts. They are sloppy and lazy both of which create vulnerabilities.

The Criminal Lieutenant

The State Department’s Inspector General determined that, as previously reported, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo did in fact violate a plethora of ethics rules by misusing government resources for his personal benefit. Pompeo was one of Trump’s most pompous Cabinet members and I still expect him to throw his hat into the ring for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination. The word shame is not in the vocabulary of the Trump crew.

An Inside Job?

I am far from an expert on either the Capital Building or security but along with many friends who know the building well I was surprised at how easily the terrorists overran it on January 6th. The investigations to date are far from complete but almost daily information comes out about how unprepared the security forces were and it increasingly appears that was because the powers to be above them failed to take anything resembling prudent action in advance and during the early portions of the attacks.

Television commentators and at least one personal friend almost immediately said it had to be an inside job. Well, as time goes on their gut reaction looks more and more accurate. Attitudes start at the top in most organizations and we all know who sat in the Oval Office on January 6th. How long before it leads back to him?

I hadn’t originally planned on this article ending up the way it did but I’ll just leave it as a Trump legacy article. That legacy can be summed up in one word: ugly!

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