It Hasn’t Stopped

With the demise of the Trump administration you would have thought the volume of material for a guy who writes political op-eds would have slowed down. Not so far. Today’s article will be a series of quick hits.

You Were Not Part Of We

“Independent restaurant operators have won $28.6 billion worth of targeted relief. This funding will ensure small businesses can survive the pandemic by helping to adapt their operations and keep their employees on the payroll.” That’s what Mississippi Republican Senator Roger Wicker tweeted on March 10, 2021. The only problem is that the tweet is misleading. Wicker voted against the enabling legislation on March 6th.

We have seen this movie before. In the aftermath of the Obama era bailouts Republicans who voted against them repeatedly showed up for the photo-ops at the ribbon cuttings of projects they paid for. Today’s elected Republicans are, at best, amoral.

It’s Difficult But Be Patient

Monday it was announced that the Justice Department had charged two men with assaulting the late Capital Police officer Brain Sicknick who was murdered as part of the domestic terrorist actions at the Capital Building on January 6th. What took so long and why are the charges relatively minor? That is the kneejerk reaction and outcry from most Americans.

There are several factors but I’ll just address the main two. The Justice Department is headed by the Attorney General and due to Mitch McConnell led Republican obstruction he wasn’t confirmed until last week. It is more complicated, but that is the base.

Any prosecutor worth their salt starts with minor charges in order to get the ball rolling and even then makes certain they dot every I and cross every t so as not to lose a big case on a technicality. Rest assured there is more to come.

Priorities Texas Style

Texas was the laughingstock of the civilized world a few weeks ago when slightly sub-freezing temperatures knocked out the state’s power grid. The state has been solidly in the grip of Republicans since 1995 and this was the third major power failure related to cold weather.

Texas Republicans announced their legislative priorities in the interim. You would expect that winterizing the power grid was number one. You would be incorrect. Governor Greg Abbott and his geniuses put a bathroom bill at the top of their wish list.

I’ll just leave it there and rest my case.

Rick Wilson Looks Smarter Every Day

Former Republican strategist Rick Wilson (who I agree with on the science of political science if not his conservative philosophy) wrote a book entitled, Everything Trump Touches Dies. The title looks less hyperbolic with each passing day. One of the latest challenges to our vaccination program – America actually has one under Joe Biden – is that a significant portion of Republicans are refusing to get vaccinated.

It appears this is one of the new ways to display your loyalty to Trump along with distrust of legitimate news sources and scientific consensus. Interestingly Trump himself was vaccinated but suppressed that information. A real leader – and one of Trump’s most serious deficits was lack of any discernible leadership ability – would have been vaccinated on live TV.

The bottom line is that there will be many preventable deaths among his supporters. Maybe Mr. Wilson is on to something.

Staying On The Pandemic For A Bit

To date the Biden administration is doing a great job on the pandemic front. It’s way too early to hang a mission accomplished banner (we’ve seen that act before). One reading: “Now open under competent management” might be in order.

I’m at the age where I spend time reflecting on the changes I’ve seen in my lifetime. Much of that comes with age. However, this much is provable; the velocity of change is increasing. We had a pandemic similar to todays about 100 years ago. With globalization, especially in transportation and commerce the next one won’t take another 100 years.

Global Leadership

A few weeks ago it was reported that Canada had contracted for more vaccine doses than needed to vaccinate its population. I wondered about it but soon got distracted by other events. America is now in the same position. When the press questioned Biden about it he quickly replied that we would use any overage to help vaccinate the world.

I can hear the right wing yelling already. Let me solve this one in a matter of a single sentence. A pandemic is by definition global. That’s it plain and simple. America first is fine; in a pandemic America alone is insanity.

A Truth You Will Never Hear From GOP Candidates

If there were a truth in campaigning law Republicans would have to run under the slogan: Elect me and I’ll vote to take your health care away. Now that is brutal honesty.

Right Wing Recent Issues

I spend very little time monitoring the right wing (except in search of comic relief). It seems their latest talking points involve Mr. Potato Head, Dr. Suess and Brittney Spears.

I really never got into the details of the Mr. Potato Head thing. Mr. Potato Head, really?

The Dr. Suess thing has to do with their cancel culture mythology. They claim the Democrats censored the Dr. Suess books removing them from circulation. The reality is that the people who own the brand took six (less than ten percent of the series) books out of production because they felt they were offensive to some. (I’m somewhat of a student of history and take the alleged banning of books seriously.) Is this case of “self-censorship” censorship or a marketing decision?

In all honesty I know Brittney Spears is famous but I couldn’t pick her out of a lineup. I have a difficult time believing that her personal life is one of the three most important things in 2021 America.

Well that’s enough to give you a few laughs and some pause for today.

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  1. Every time I walk into a public place and see people without masks, I’m tempted to say: “And you voted for Trump too, I guess, eh?”

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