It Couldn’t Happen Here. Could It?

Notice: In the interest of accuracy, on more than one occasion I use a word that may violate my PG rating.

Like most Americans I awoke Friday to the news that Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny was dead. He supposedly died while taking a walk at the Russian prison where he was an inmate. I grew up in a cold climate, admittedly not Siberia, but a pleasant stroll outside in February was not my idea of fun.

Vladimir Putin is responsible for Navalny’s death. Directly or indirectly, I do not know at this writing but responsibility is not a question. That harkens me back to the question Federal Judge Florence Pen posed to Donald Trump’s counsel about a scenario where a sitting American president would order Seal Team Six to assassinate a political foe.

The de facto Trump led (nominally Mike Johnson-led) Republican majority House of Representatives is currently on a two-week vacation and is not scheduled to be in session again until February 28th. The federal government is facing a partial shutdown as of March 1st. The reason is financial, a budget that was due before October 1st of last year is no closer to completion than it was last September despite two continuing resolutions (CRs) that were supposed to provide time for the House to get its “homework” done, albeit late. Here is the reality and my prediction – I hope I’m correct on this one because the alternative is much, much worse – we will see another CR.

It’s not just a matter of keeping the lights on. The House Republicans have also killed a bill that would have provided ICE officers with a much-needed addition $6 billion in funding. That was done to preserve the border as an issue for Trump. No solution, just complain about it.

If you are any kind of student of history you know democracy is being attacked in Ukraine at this very moment. Ukraine is literally running out of ammunition and having to cede land because of it. The House Republican have held up that funding. By the way, Vlad (Trump’s boss) says thanks boys and girls. Ask front line ICE officers and Ukrainian soldiers what they think.

What has the House done in the interim? It has conducted impeachment inquiries into President Biden. They blew up when their star witness was charged with lying to the FBI. The “smoking gun” was effectively a police report the star witness filed that was a bunch of lies. The right wing offered this as irrefutable proof. It is like your crazy neighbor filing a police report about a fantasy. The police take it down because they have to. Then you use that as gospel proof. Right wing mythology is fueled by a right wing media. As of this writing Fox News, who repeatedly broadcast the false claims, has yet to report on the liar’s arrest. This is consistent with a network that has already paid out over three-quarters of a billion dollars (and it is highly likely that much more is to come) in fines for knowingly and repeatedly broadcasting falsehoods.

One of the de facto leaders of the House Republicans is Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene. In a recent hearing on COVID vaccines she disputed the expert witness who had just stated demonstrable facts by saying she had a doctorate in detecting bullshit. She rapidly followed that up with a verbal barrage of falsehoods (or what in the neighborhood I grew up in we’d call bullshit.) With Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert having been fondled out of her district (and hopefully Congress) and out of the limelight, Greene is even more visible on right wing TV.

I normally try to focus on a single story as the biggest of the week just ended for my Sunday article. Today’s, while incomplete, illustrates just how perilous our situation is. I posed a question in today’s title. The answer is yes, and very soon. The good news is we, the people, can prevent it from happening. VOTE!!!!!!

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