It All Leads To An Interesting Choice Of Dates

Today’s article will be another of the catch up variety. In the last segment the reasoning behind the title will become evident.

The Oft Ignored Threat

Especially at the state level, Republicans have voter suppression and I maintain voter nullification as their number one goal. Much attention is being paid to the efforts to suppress the vote by making it difficulty for groups less likely to vote Republican to vote. That is reprehensible and un-American. Many of the strategies are outrageous and therefore they get a lot of press.

The most dangerous maneuvers are a little more difficult to explain and therefore aren’t getting the attention they should. In the states they control, the Republicans are proposing – and in some cases have passed – laws that will let a small group of elected Republican officials simply nullify the votes of the people if they do not like the results.

Instead of trying to convince the American people to vote for their candidates on the field of ideas the Republicans are trying to cheat their way into gaining and maintaining power. Have no doubt it is all about power and money; the Republicans have no ideas as evidenced by their non-existent 2020 platform.

Destructive Self Enrichment

One of the (to this point) few holdovers from the Trump administration is Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. I have no doubt that his days are numbered and he is only in his position because of a few quirks in the laws and regulations that govern the USPS. He has to know that too but it isn’t stopping him from participating in the favorite activity of the Trump administration: self enrichment often via self dealing.

It was recently reported that he has subcontracted several functions of the Postal Service to companies he maintains a financial interest in.

The fact that he will be removed from office is a foregone conclusion. There is a good chance that he will face criminal prosecution for his deeds and hopefully that will result in incarceration. Until then, in the best Trump tradition, the stealing continues.

Insurrectionists May Apply

Representative Tom Emmer of Minnesota is the Chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee (RNCC) and is therefore in charge of recruiting House Republican candidates for 2022. In a recent appearance he said he would not rule out backing candidates who participated in January 6th calling them, “Patriots”. That is disgusting and I’m not even going to comment further.

A Little Bit Of Knowledge Is Sufficient In This Case

Those much more knowledgeable on the topic of climate change tell me that the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation is the key to controlling weather in our part of the northern hemisphere and is in danger of basically shutting down due to the effects of climate change.

While I can’t intelligently discuss the specifics, I know enough to take this type of assertion seriously and as a warning. The system doesn’t come with a switch like a light does. If it shuts down we are in deep trouble with no quick solution. Climate change is real and serious!

Why Does The Big Lie Continue?

The short answer is money!

Trump aligned political groups raised over $82 million in the first half of 2021 and currently have over $100 million in the bank. Most of it has come from small donors. Maybe there is some truth to the adage about a fool and his money.

The Only Industry That Can Legally Discriminate

The only industry in America that can legally discriminate is the insurance industry. They yell and scream about some of the restraint that Obamacare put on them but what other industry can charge more based on what demographic group you happen to fall into?
Well, soon we may see a form of “discrimination” that I endorse and will be in the public interest. Rumblings are going on about allowing health insurers to change a higher premium to those who refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

On the business side that makes sense. Treating the disease, especially in its advanced forms, is extremely expensive. So those who choose not to take prudent action are greater risks and should be charged more.

On the public interest side this may motivate some to get vaccinated which is in the public interest in ways too numerous to elaborate on in this forum.

Something May Happen

This week Friday is Friday the thirteenth. A few weeks ago Mike Lindell, better known as the Pillow Guy, predicted that would be the day Donald Trump would be returned to power. I have little doubt that something aligned with the Big Lie will happen that day but a return of Donald Trump to the Oval Office will not be it.

Lindell is in Trump’s inner circle and is part of his brain trust. (Does that say a lot!) My guess is that is the day the “results” of the Arizona Fraudit will be made public. In place of or in addition to that announcement you may see some right wing terrorist activity. Targeting the Capital Building doesn’t make any sense; the House is not in session and there is a good chance that neither will the Senate be.

OK, that is far from catching up on everything but it is enough for today.

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