Is It Any Wonder?

There are some Trump believers out there, the majority of Americans are simply disgusted with the President; however there is a small group that still wonders just what went wrong and how it happened. Today’s article should enlighten them.

Any organization (or portion thereof) is dependent on its leadership to set the tone. In basketball coaches had (and I assume still have) an expression that “You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken excrement.” (To be honest we used worst language.) Today I want to look at the leadership of the administration, but first I want to take a look at an obscure but very important office within it.

The Presidential Personnel Office (PPO) is primarily charged with the vetting of candidates for appointed positions. They are the gatekeepers charged with only those of high qualification and character being considered for appointment in the Executive Branch. You would think an incoming President would assemble a team of sharp people headed by a few experienced old pros of unquestionable character. This is the Trump administration so think again.

Over last weekend the Washington Post (which Trump says should be required to register as a lobbyist) published a nice piece on the PPO. It is understaffed and headed by people who couldn’t get an entry level job in most organizations. One of its top people is a college dropout with an arrest record that includes drunk driving and passing bad checks. Another has an arrest record that features, but is not limited to, assault, disorderly conduct and fleeing an officer.

The above facts may in part account for the many Executive Branch jobs that are yet to have a nominee and remain unfilled. To me the scary part is not so much the unfilled jobs as the people that have been hired.

Next we go right to the top guy himself. On his way into Easter church services Trump stopped to elaborate on his earlier tweets and give the world his “pearls of wisdom”. He declared DACA dead because Mexico wasn’t doing enough to help build his wall and in the meantime thousands of people were pouring across the border into America to take advantage of DACA. On Monday Trump blamed the DACA situation on the Democrats. I don’t have the time to counter all the lies but allow me to briefly address a few.

Trump created the entire DACA controversy and he could fix it by simply withdrawing his earlier edict and let the Obama-era program stand as it was. (It is altogether possible the courts will force that “solution” anyway.) In order to be eligible for protection under DACA a person would have had to entered the United States by June of 2007 and have continuously lived here. Anyone entering the United States in 2018 is ineligible for DACA.

Trump, who is famous for railing against fake news, is the perpetrator-in-chief of fake news in America. Trump, who is neither very bright nor well informed, seemed to be basing his comments on another erroneous Fox News report. Mr. President, right wing mythology is not fact.

Later Trump did go on to defend the Sinclair Broadcasting. Sinclair Broadcasting is a large chain of local television stations whose CEO, like Trump, is a member of the Lucky Sperm Cell Club. Over this past weekend local Sinclair on air personalities all happened to deliver identically worded op-eds to their viewership decrying the fake news broadcast by their competitors.

Sinclair is infamous for dictating the news coverage of their affiliates. Among one of the requirements is that the op-eds of Russian connected and 2016 Trump campaign spokesperson Boris Epshteyn be broadcast nine times each week. Epshteyn’s colorful past includes being arrested in 2014 for his involvement in a Scottsdale, Arizona bar fight. In fairness the charges were dropped in exchange for Epshteyn entering an anger management program and performing community service.

Sinclair is currently headed by David D. Smith. Smith has more in common with Trump than just inheriting his business from his daddy. Smith also has an interest in pornography. While Trump enjoys having sex with porn stars, Smith limited his interaction to selling their tapes in Baltimore’s red light district while waiting to go to work for daddy. Smith never forgot where he “came from”. In 2004 he was arrested for having sex with a prostitute that he picked up in that area of town while driving a company owned Mercedes on a nearby highway.

Is it any wonder that the Trump administration is failing? I’d say no.

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