Is Charlie Coming?

It is very early Monday morning as I pen this and I think I may have figured something out. Donald Trump is a nominal Republican at best. Much like the Tea Party before him, he saw a political party that he could coopt for his own purposes. In his case it was a money grab that worked out better than he ever imagined it would. In order to further his organized criminal enterprise he has accommodated some of the Republicans’ most radical demands; now I think he may be setting things up to use one of their defenses. Let’s explore.

I’ve spent a good part of the last 17 months trying to understand how Trump won in 2016. That has included reading several books along with countless magazine and newspaper articles. My conclusion is that no single factor made the difference; it was a combination of many, some of which we honestly won’t know the extent of until Robert Mueller concludes his investigation.

As the “walls” close in ever closer with the passing of each week, Trump along with his apologists and enablers get more absurd in their defenses. Early on it was that Obama “tapped his wires”. Now they have come up with some story about spies being implanted in Trump’s campaign. Remember early on Trump’s campaign ran with a skeleton staff, many of whom were Trump’s real estate employees doing double duty. How do you infiltrate that? Why would you when the early conventional wisdom was that the campaign was a joke/publicity stunt?

This latest gambit – like the tapped wires – will soon be debunked, but it does resonate with much of Trump’s base and gives his apologists at Fox and elsewhere something to talk about. Trump is going as far as demanding the Department of Justice investigate his delusion.

People in Trump’s organization, possibly including the President personally, are guilty of several crimes. Several people have already pled guilty and one is currently in prison. He can call it a witch hunt all he likes but why would guys like Michael Flynn and Rick Gates plead guilty and enter into cooperation agreements if they were as innocent as a new born? Instead of the probe running into dead ends we learn of new instances of criminality on a weekly if not more frequent basis.

How can Trump complain about James Comey and the FBI? Polls document that Comey’s public statements helped Trump late in the campaign. Hillary Clinton faced 11 hours of open, televised “Benghazi” testimony before Trey Gowdy’s kangaroo court. I’d like to see Trump try and hold up to 11 hours of a legitimate congressional hearing. Trump has gotten way more than a fair shake to date from the FBI and many member of the Republican House are bending over backwards to cover for him. (I think several should be facing criminal charges before this is all over.) Before it is over Trump may be claiming Obama imported extraterrestrials to infiltrate his campaign. I know that doesn’t make sense but neither do the current claims nor have several of the past ones.

I think where this is all headed is what I call the Charlie Brown Defense, as in why’s everybody always picking on me. This is an old Republican desperation play and Trump is setting up to run it. He can’t rely on the truth; it implicates him and his closest people. All he can do is hope people like Sean Hannity continue to reinforce his crazy claims with their low information audiences to the point that they really believe some mythical Deep State machine is trying to nullify Trump’s overwhelming (in his mind) electoral victory. (Keep in mind Trump lost the popular vote by about 3 million votes and his Electoral College margin of victory ranked 10th out of the 14 elections held since Alaska and Hawaii gained statehood.)

My prediction is to look for Charlie Brown coming soon to a right wing news outlet near you.

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  1. My greatest fear has to do with the growing number of people whose small-mindedness is encouraged by Trump. When he finally does come tumbling down, how much damage will they do (say… in schools or work places) in retaliation for his downfall?

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