Insufficient Material

The other day I had another youthful flashback caused by American politics. Since 9/11 we talk about connecting the dots to find the answers we seek. Every day we are presented with multiple dots that don’t bode well for the Trump administration. With a little poetic license I will call them polka dots. That brought to mind Brian Hyland’s 1960 song, Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Polkadot Bikini. Let’s explore.

Between Russiagate, corruption and just plain incompetence Trump is in trouble. His campaign is under investigation for possible wrongdoings. Keeping in mind the oft proven old adage that the cover-up is worse than the crime; terms like impeachment, money laundering, obstruction of justice, bribery, blackmail, treason and profiteering are being thrown around. The investigation has already reached the administration. The questions are: will it reach Trump himself and will he be found to be involved?

Let’s look at some of the dots. Multiple revelations point to those close to Trump being involved with the Russians. Several key Trump people have failed to disclose meetings with Russian officials until they were reported by the news media. You can believe that the actions of Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner and Jeff Sessions were just coincidences; I see a deliberate pattern of behavior. My question is: Why?

Trump doesn’t seem to know where our aircraft carriers are or what direction they are heading in but he has no problem sharing the classified whereabouts of two of our nuclear submarines with a foreign strongman. He also thinks it is fine to declassify intelligence obtained from Israel in order to make himself look like a big man in front of his Russian friends. Is this an example of his ego problem, is it simply stupidity or is he just a traitor?

We have yet to see Trump’s tax returns and I predict we never voluntarily will. There are many reasons but I feel hiding foreign financial entanglements is paramount among them.

With Trump loyalty is a one way street – he demands loyalty but gives none. He has a history of shortchanging sub-contractors. He appears to have demanded loyalty from senior government officials; personal loyalty, not patriotic loyalty. He operates like a Mafia Don not a President.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer is far from a favorite of most journalists. He has the impossible job of facing the press almost every day and defending the indefensible actions of an out of control President. Basically he lies for a living. Spicer is a Catholic, was taken along for the trip to the Vatican and was then not allowed to meet the Pope. Even the press and liberal bloggers feel sorry for Spicer. What does this tell us about Trump’s character?

That same trip is still in process as I pen this article. Trump has managed to offend at least two more allies just off the top of my head. At a NATO meeting Trump shoved Montenegro’s Prime Minister Dosko Markovic out of the way so he could get to his pre-assigned spot for a group photo just a bit faster.

In the greater scheme of things Montenegro may not be a high priority ally but Germany is. Trump’s quote on Germany was, “Bad, very bad.” His people later walked it back saying Trump was referring to trade not the German people. What Trump and his team of economic “experts” can’t seem to grasp is that Germany is part of the European Union (EU) and they do not negotiate unilateral trade deals. If you want to do business with them you have to do it through the EU.

These are but a few examples of dots. It’s a holiday weekend and chances are several more have materialized between this writing, publishing and your reading. It is time for me to wrap up and for you to enjoy your holiday weekend.

The bikini of the 1960’s had a lot more coverage than today’s version. That being said it still lacked sufficient material for all the dots we are being presented with. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is a bit older than me and was a teenager in 1960. I’m sure like many young boys he fantasized about connecting the dots on that bikini of song. Trump’s scandal is so large that even a circa 1960 bikini wouldn’t have had sufficient material. I think a shroud would be more like it. You know a funeral shroud for a fat man.

Oh, the color of the bikini in the song also struck me – yellow. That is the same color of the stripe that was painted on the back of a traitor’s shirt when he was drummed out of the military in the Civil War.

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