Inside The Donald Dome

Most Americans feel their elected officials and the big boss of the company they work for live in ivory towers and have no clue of what they go through on a day to day basis. In the case of Donald Trump it is more like a golden tower with his name on the building. While he has fooled a significant portion of the electorate into believing he is running a populist campaign with the hiring of Steve Bannon he has retreated deeper into what I will call the Donald Dome.

The most reliable rumors coming out justifying the staffing moves are that Trump didn’t like people he didn’t know well trying to control him. It certainly remains a question for debate as to whether anyone can control The Donald. (My vote would be No!) In naming Bannon Trump chose someone who reinforces his outlandish views and in fact may well be the source of and/or inspiration for them.

I expect more conspiracy theories backed up by right wing mythology almost all of which is a collection of long debunked zombie lies. If I were working on Hillary Clinton’s debate prep team I would be spending a significant portion of my time combing the archives of Breitbart, while monitoring Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, the Drudge Report and other right wing crackpots. The stories they promote will be the points Trump will raise in the debates. (He certainly doesn’t want to debate a former Senator and Secretary of State on policy or facts!) It is difficult to refute stories that make very little or no sense and you are hearing for the first time. Educated, intelligent Americans – a group Hillary Clinton is part of – generally don’t waste their time paying attention to the sources Bannon and Trump do.

One of the few things I will guarantee between now and Election Day is that Trump will get even more outlandish. Bannon will feed him stories that he will think are great to tell Bubba on the trail and will repeat them garnering all sorts of news coverage.

Trump’s campaign looks more like George Wallace’s every day. Trump, like Wallace, draws large crowds at rallies. Trump, like Wallace, mistakes that for overwhelming support. It is likely that the people at Trump’s rallies are direct decedents of the people who attended George Wallace’s rallies decades ago. They certainly have many of the same prejudices.

Trump has lived at least his entire adult life being told how great he is. I’m certain he is now at the point where he is questioning polls that show him losing. In his mind that is impossible because he is great and he is still drawing large crowds of adoring people. Therefore why would he listen to a campaign aide who tells him there is a problem in Pennsylvania? He would be much more likely to believe a campaign aide who told him the only way he could lose Pennsylvania is if the Democrats rig the election. Trump doesn’t know enough about politics to realize that in person vote fraud is almost non-existent and part of right wing mythology.

For the next 80 plus days we will have to deal with the delusions of Donald Trump fueled by the malarkey of Steve Bannon. If you are looking for a blanket rule of thumb here is my suggestion: assume everything coming out of Trump’s mouth is false – the odds of being correct are in your favor. That is the reality of life outside the Donald Dome.

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