Inform Or Ignore?

Anyone who covers the American political scene is faced with a decision regarding whether to and if so, how to cover Donald Trump. Cable news has it particularly difficult; they have to fill 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week. By contrast I only have to write five columns in that same time period. Yet, essentially the decisions are the same.

I’ll speak for my part today. I’d love not to cover Trump despite the fact that his name appears in the vast majority of my articles. It is impossible to cover American politics without covering him. Ignoring him is not an option. In fact, I am of the school of thought that exposing his numerous flaws and lies will help defeat him. In that spirit, please continue reading an extremely brief sampling of his recent offerings.

The furthest I’m reaching back is January 16th of this year. Speaking of Joe Biden, Trump said, “…you know he wants to quadruple your taxes.” Do we even have to fact check that one?

Monday he finally issued a statement on his abortion position which he said was to leave it to the states. Sound familiar, and how has that worked out thus far? What he didn’t say is that if reelected and Congress sent him a national ban that he would veto it. You won’t get that commitment from him and if you did would you be foolish enough to believe it?

At a recent fundraiser Trump promised the billionaires present that if returned to office he will keep their taxes low. That is a promise he will keep because he realizes that at that level the donations are really investments that his financiers expect a return on. That doesn’t help Joe Lunchbucket who will have to forgo programs that would benefit him and pay higher taxes to make up the rest of the shortfall. If your wealth makes the Forbes list and you lack a conscious it is in your financial interest to vote for Trump; the rest of us, not so much.

The Guardian (a UK publication) recently did a piece featuring some of Trump’s talking points from his stump speech. Let’s explore a few of them.

Trump wants to institute the death penalty for drug dealers. How many of his “January 6th Hostages”, let alone just average Americans, ever partook? Even if, unlike me, you are not anti-capital punishment do you really feel that punishment fits the crime?

Creating what he calls the “Trump Reciprocal Trade Act” he would set tariffs and then match any retaliation. Escalation would have no limit. That is not the trade policy of a deep thinker. It would not only stifle trade but cause the American cost of living to skyrocket.

Trump would indemnify all law enforcement actions. Just what we need a police state without a check in place. Why not in a nation that has never experienced police abuse of power?

Trump advocates one-day voting on paper ballots and with voter ID. Who needs technology and don’t we all have all day to stand in line? I could go on but you get the picture.

While I’m at it I want to dispel one of Trump’s myths – that he is a business genius. Truth Social lost $58 million last year. Trump and several of his minions did well because they were paid salaries and fees. I am still holding firm to my prediction that when all is said and done a lot of ordinary people are going to be left holding that bag and recent events are only forecasting that.

While Joe Biden has slowed a step and occasionally stutters, Trump just flat-out lies; when he is coherent enough to understand that is. The latest physician who vouched for his health is one of his golfing buddies. You connect those dots.

Trump is not the only misogynist or racist in America and much of his base loves him because they share his views. Pointing out his flaws along those lines will only solidify those people but they were solid for him already and extremely likely to vote so the damage is minimal.

One final note: This weekend Trump said that it would be a, “Great honor” to go to jail for violating his latest gag order. I know it may never happen but I’d like to see him given the “honor” of serving in Riker’s general population. Just like any of us would if we acted like him.

I may be incorrect but I’m not going to ignore him and I think the more his outrages are exposed to the disinfectant of sunlight the more persuadables and motivateables will vote for the only viable alternative, Joe Biden.

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  1. You don’t have to apologize for focusing on Trump as much as you do. We’re all rubber-necking the continuous slow-motion train wreck too.

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