Today’s title is but a single word. That is because I feel it succinctly sums up the current situation.

I feel it is inevitable that American boots will be on the ground in Europe and relatively soon. Despite their braggadocios rhetoric most American politicians, of both parties, lack the courage to state that inevitable reality. If we allow Putin to be victorious in Ukraine he will not stop there. He has to be stopped because he will not stop himself. No European country is powerful enough to stop him on their own. In fact, it is extremely doubtful that an otherwise untied Europe could stop Putin without significant American support if not direct American involvement.

The troops may be deployed as part of a NATO or UN effort, but that is merely political cover. The reality is that American troops will be on the ground and facing hostile fire. If you don’t believe that limited, covert and deniable American boots are already on the ground in Ukraine you are naïve. They take the form of covert CIA agents and/or small military units that officially do not exist.

In an e-mail exchange with a friend a few days back I said that the best comment about the war in Ukraine to date came from retired Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman when he said words to the effect that what is unthinkable today would be a reality in two weeks. Just think how most Americans’ attitudes have morphed over the length of the war thus far.

The reality is that World War III may have already started; it’s now a matter of how bloody it will be. With Viktor Orban’s electoral triumph in Hungary and the surging (but I still predict ultimately defeated) Marie Le Pen in France the possibility of American troops operating under the banner of NATO or somehow the EU or UN is in jeopardy. The bigger cause is the preservation of small “d” democracy.

Today non-orthodox Christians celebrate Easter. By their teachings it is the anniversary of the resurrection of Christ. May this war in Europe be the resurrection of the democracy that many evil people felt they had killed. If it is to survive our involvement is as inevitable and essential as it was in 1917 and 1941.

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