It appears to me that it is only a matter of time before the incarceration of Donald Trump will be prudent. Admittedly Trump is no ordinary law breaker and special conditions may be the optimal solution. I’d like to explore them today.

One of the reasons Trump has a problem getting quality legal counsel is that he can’t keep his mouth shut during pending litigation. (Paying them might also help, but that is another matter.) In that vein, he has a problem obeying judges modified gag orders. I fully expect Trump to be found guilty on one or more of the pending and soon to be pending charges but a judge may need to incarcerate him prior to that just to get him to obey court orders.

As much as I’d like to see him in a place like Rikers that may not be practical considering he is an ex-president. House arrest may be the optimal solution but I don’t want it to be some version of the house arrest his buddy the late Jeffrey Epstein had.

Trump should be restricted to a residence and then only part of it. He should have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room and that’s about it. That is still way better than a normal inmate! He should not be permitted a phone, wi fi or a television. The only outside travel should be in the event of a medical emergency. The only unmonitored conversation with his attorney(s).

He should be monitored by an ankle bracelet or some similar device and have 24/7 supervision, including video supervision, which he bears the cost of. His Secret Service detail is not a substitute. That is for his protection, the supervision is for our protection. If he balks at covering the cost he can report to jail where the supervision is provided. His choice. He will be allowed no visitors other than family, and then with restrictions – just like real jail.

There will be no golf outings or hooker in calls.

If he complains, and he and his minions would, that it is interfering with his ability to campaign he has to remember he brought this on himself. Whatever happened to the conservative principle of personal responsibility. But then Trump isn’t and never was a true conservative; he just appropriated the term to make himself appear respectable.

I have no problem with him being supplied with books. In his case ones with a lot of pictures would probably be best. Maybe we can give him a bible; he’d have plenty of time to learn how to hold it in other than an awkward manner.

Given all the slack the courts have given Trump to date we might not be there yet but as in coaching anticipation often yields happy outcomes. All those great last second plays you see in the playoffs were thought of in a prior pre-season. Or as the Boy Scouts say, “Be prepared.”

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