In “The Show”

Baseball players and serious fans often refer to the major leagues as “The Show”. The major leagues are where the biggest rewards (fame and fortune) are as well as where the spotlight shines the brightest. Boot a grounder in Class A ball and only a few hundred people will ever know. Boot that same grounder in the major leagues and it just might end up on Sports Center and be viewed by millions (not counting live TV, radio and nationally syndicated news columns). In politics often sins go relatively unnoticed until you reach the highest levels. Many House members toil in relative obscurity. Reach the Senate and certainly the presidency and the entire world seems to monitor your every action. I don’t think Donald Trump ever realized that. Let’s explore.      

This article is being written on Tuesday morning and as of this writing Trump has yet to condemn the bombing of an Islamic Center in Bloomington, Minnesota that occurred on Saturday. On Sunday, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton visited the site and declared the bombing an, “Act of terrorism.” I wonder how long it would have taken the President to tweet if the perpetrators instead of the intended victims were Muslims. His silence will be taken in many quarters as approval of the act. The President claims not to be a racist and I tend to take him at his word; but he certainly plays to the racists in his dwindling base! If he were still a private businessman in New York the absence of comment would not be noticed; in the spotlight of the presidency it is another story.

I don’t know what if anything Governor Dayton had to interrupt to visit the site and comment. I’m sure the Tweeter-in-Chief could have interrupted his “working vacation” long enough to tweet something out between his duties as Golfer-in-Chief and Greeter-in-Chief at his property in New Jersey.

Many wealthy businessmen employ low skilled foreign workers instead of hiring Americans. They find it much easier to exploit foreigners. Trump is no different and hasn’t been for years. The difference is that people are paying more attention to his actions since he entered the Oval Office than when he sat in his golden tower in Manhattan. That is especially true when his actions contradict his rhetoric. David Farenthold and Lori Rozsa wrote a piece in the Washington Post on his hiring practices at Mar-a-Lago. He took out an almost obscure ad for help at the resort in order to do the bare minimum required so that he could move on in the process to bring in foreign workers. The applicants, (if they ever happened to read the obscure add on page C8 of the Palm Beach Post), were asked to apply by fax (no e-mail address or phone number was given). Since few people who would be seeking these low paying, temporary jobs have a fax machine at home this is a barrier which I contend was intentionally erected to discourage applicants because Trump doesn’t want to hire Americans in the first place. Americans are more likely to know their rights under labor laws; perhaps even try to form a union and are generally much more difficult to exploit than people from another country. “Buy American” and “Hire American” are just rhetorical statement coming from this White House.

President Trump made reference to phone calls he had with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and the head of the Boy Scouts of America. EPN denied any such phone call as did the Boy Scouts’ top two officials. Many among us consider President Trump to have mental problems. A common symptom in mental disorders is audio delusions. Perhaps President Trump really is hearing phones ring and when he picks them up he imagines conversations that are real to him. If he was just some guy in Manhattan running his family’s real estate business that would not be big news. As President that is huge news! The President is either audio delusional or a liar. You decide. I know which way I’m leaning and either conclusion is bad.

That’s three strikes Mr. President. I wish this were baseball; you would be out.

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