In The Early Betting It’s Trump

Whether we realize it or not most of us are preparing for Thanksgiving. If the dinner table conversation turns to politics one of the topics is sure to revolve around who will run in 2024. At this point the closest we have to a sure thing is not Joe Biden; it is Donald Trump.

In my mind Trump has three primary motivations: Ego, money and self-preservation. I’ll tackle them in that order.

Except for height and girth Trump is very much a little man except for one thing; he has a huge ego. There is reason to think that he actually may believe some of his own malarkey. He had to love people fussing over him when he was in office. He wants that back. Deep inside he knows he is and always has been a loser but he can’t admit it to himself. He loves the rally part of campaigning. Why? Because he loves the adoring crowds. His ego will not allow him to sit it out, especially at his age.

The 2020 campaign and the post-presidency has been little more than an organized criminal enterprise scam to raise money which largely Trump lines his own pockets with. He never made that much money on his own prior to the 2016 campaign. He is a world class grifter. He appears to be cash poor – lawyers, even less talented ones, cost money – and he simply cannot afford to fade away. How many more chances will he have? He will be 78 on Election Day 2024.

He is facing a plethora of investigations and law suits. If he were to regain the Oval Office and control of the Executive Branch he could largely, if not completely, shield himself from them at least for his time in office. Time in office is also an issue in Trump’s case. It is an open secret that he desires to be president for life and even wants to be able to name his successor. I am not engaging in hyperbole when I say that if Trump regains the presidency democracy as we know it in America will be history.

If you have to take a position on 2024 candidates this holiday season I suggest you put your money on Donald Trump. If he is alive he will seek the 2024 GOP nod and I don’t see enough Republicans with the courage to stop him. In fact, I will be surprised if anyone seriously challenges him. Prison, which is a real possibility, may not be enough to stop him from running or for that matter securing the GOP nod. I know of no law or rule that prohibits an inmate from running for office. The courts could take away his right to vote in 2024 but not his eligibility to run. By my reading of Article II of the Constitution the only requirements for the presidency are that the candidate is a natural born American citizen, been a resident of the United States for fourteen years and be at least 35 years of age. Even an inmate Trump would satisfy all those requirements.

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  1. Eugene V. Debs (the Socialist candidate) garnered three and a half percent of the vote in 1920…from federal prison in Atlanta. As for democracy as we know it, it’s already mostly gone. Do you recognize it from your youth? I don’t.

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