Impeachment II: A Three Act Play

Perhaps the fact that I saw a play last night has affected my choice of titles, but the reasoning behind this posting is pure politics and patriotism. Let’s explore.

I am calling on the House to open impeachment inquiries into President Donald Trump, Attorney General Bill Barr and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. I fully realize that Trump was recently impeached. However he has openly committed new, impeachable offenses and there is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits multiple impeachments.

I won’t spend a lot of time on charges; I prefer to write primarily of motivation and strategy today. Trump is openly corrupting the executive branch while, on the surface, favoring his friends along with punishing his enemies. In reality he is trying to placate his friends to keep “bodies buried” and intimidate any future patriots from coming forward and telling the truth on him.

Barr is Trump’s errand boy in the Justice Department which under his “leadership” is acting more like the Injustice Department.

Mnuchin’s Treasury Department is openly defying an obviously legal request for Trump’s financial records while simultaneously fast tracking the requests from several of Trump’s congressional minions for the financial records of political enemies and/or their family members.

I fully realize that a Republican majority sycophant Senate reliant on Mitch’s money and terrified of a Trump tweet is highly unlikely to remove any of the three. That is not the point. Patriotically anything that can be done to help remove Trump is an imperative. Politically perhaps the Democrats should learn a lesson from Trump’s 2016 campaign. In it he and aided by thieves along with a foreign power provided the electorate with a steady drip, drip, drip of negative information about his opponent and her closest associates. Hillary Clinton had high negatives going into the election and the constant release of information (much of which was misleading if not flat out false) was the death by a thousand cuts portion of the perfect storm that defeated her. The Democrats have the opportunity to unleash a steady stream of negative information about Trump and his closest associates with the added benefits of the information being true and not having to illegally rely on a foreign power to dispense it or facilitate its dissemination.

The biggest initial objection to my suggested strategy that will come from Democrat is that it would keep members of Congress who are running for president and may be the nominee in DC and not on the road raising money and campaigning. Let’s take a look at that.

There are no House members among the pack of likely nominees at this point. (Tulsi Gabbard’s likely third party run is a danger, not a concern. She is not in to win, but to siphon off a few would otherwise be Democratic votes in tight states. To steal Rick Wilson’s line, “She is Jill Stein with better hair.)

There are three Senators with a chance at the nomination (Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren) as of this writing. I will take weeks if not longer for the process to get to the Senate. That will certainly be after Super Tuesday and by then it is very possible that one or more of them will have dropped out of the race. I contend that the benefit of the impeachment(s) may well outweigh the “cost” of being stuck in DC.

Looking at the Senate in a broader light there is only one very vulnerable Democratic seat up in 2020 (Doug Jones of Alabama). I’m currently considering nine Republicans as vulnerable (Susan Collins of Maine, Joni Ernst of Iowa, Cory Gardner of Colorado, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler of Georgia, Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Martha McSally of Arizona along with the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky himself.) Mitch cares more about self-preservation and preserving his majority than he does about anything else. Could the evil but skillful McConnell panic and make an error that resonated with just enough persuadable and motivatable voters?

Keep in mind that what we know of Trump and his minions’ actions is very damning; think about what we don’t yet know and will be unveiled over the next few months.

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