I’m Not Quite Certain

Not for the first time the inspiration for an article are the first two lines to the Buffalo Springfield 1966 hit, For What It Is Worth.

There’s something happening here,

What it is ain’t exactly clear

Trump is up to something and I’m not quite certain what it is. Let’s explore.

Last week Friday, Trump suddenly withdrew the nomination of acting ICE Director, Ron Vitello, to become the permanent Director of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE). If you missed it you are not alone it was a Friday news dump item.

Sunday evening the news hit that Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen had “resigned”. Like most Trump-era high profile resignations this appears to have been “encouraged” from above. (Now ask yourself: Who is above a cabinet secretary?)

Monday afternoon we suddenly found out that Secret Service Director Randolph “Tex” Alles was leaving his post. Interestingly, although possibly not related, Alles is a former marine general just like John Kelly. Kelly was also Nielsen’s mentor.

What I do know is that Nielsen, Vitello and Alles were three of the highest ranking people in the Department of Homeland Security. Three departures all coerced if not outright forced in less than a week. I’m sure Trump and his minions will pass it off as a coincidence. I subscribe to Nance’s Law when it comes to coincidence: Coincidence takes a lot of planning. Something(s) is happening here.

The conventional guess (I can’t call it wisdom) is that Trump is cleaning house in Homeland Security in preparation of a radical move and he needs nothing but absolutely loyal sycophants in place. That may very well be but I want to consider a couple of other possibilities.

I feel it is probable that the moves (and as of this writing there are rumors of more) are part of a multi-pronged plan. There is a distinct possibility that the above stated reason is main part of it. What else could be at play?

Trump continues to insulate himself against a 25th Amendment removal from office. He has to know that Vice President Mike Pence is so fake and would pounce on the opportunity to sit behind the big desk the moment he thought a “coup” would be successful. Is it possible that Nielsen had a modicum of integrity and Trump didn’t trust her loyalty?

Mar-a-Lago looms large in my mind especially after the Secret Service head was let go. If you think back it seems there was an effort to hide the news of the recent flash drive incident at Mar-a-Lago. The news didn’t become public for several days. If you think it was just a coincidence, again I invoke Nance’ Law. Could Trump feel Alles allowed the cat to get out of the bag? Could his firing, (and that’s what it was), be in retribution? Remember Mar-a-Lago is one of Trump’s most profitable scams and he is not about to allow anyone to upset it by bringing too much negative attention to it.

Someday we will know the true story behind the events of the last several days and that story will be interesting. For now I’m aware but confused. In the 1966 words of Stephen Stills, “What it is ain’t exactly clear.”

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