If You Are Gullible Enough

I can see the Trump enablers’ excuses coming; in fact some are already in use. They are all pretty lame but the lowest common denominator and the willfully ignorant will accept them. Let me review a few and preview a few others.

With every passing day it becomes more and more apparent that the Trump administration is what I have been calling it all along: an organized criminal enterprise. In the campaign and since taking office the principles have been involved in a series of at least dishonest conduct if not outright crimes. The liar-in-chief is none other than President Trump himself. In fact lying comes as naturally as breathing in this administration just like it did in his campaign.

Lying has been the biggest “tell” of wrongdoing. Saturday January 21, 2017 was the first full day of the Trump administration and then Press Secretary Sean Spicer was sent out to tell a demonstrable lie about the size of the inauguration crowd. It went downhill from there and the subject of the lies, unlike crowd size, became about important issues.

Of those Trump associates to date either indicted, convicted or both the charges have always included lying. Trump’s lies have been so frequent and voluminous that the Washington Post has been forced to create an entire new category in their fact checker column.

The defenses put out by the Trump legal team and his excusers have morphed over time and the trajectory has become predictable. They start out by flatly denying that an event ever took place. When they are proven to be liars about that they acknowledge that the event took place but say that the reported subject matter is “fake news”. When that is disproven they finally admit to both the event and the subject matter but now claim that it wasn’t illegal anyway; (basically a Dick Cheney, “So?”).

Eventually Trump will be confronted with a lying charge (most likely in impeachment as opposed to criminal indictment). His defense will be that he lied to the people and the press, not Congress or a federal investigator and therefore did not commit a crime.

Chris Christie was the original transition chief before Jared Kushner orchestrated his replacement with the clueless but compliant Mike Pence. As part of his book tour Christie was questioned as to whether he thought the Trump campaign conspired with the Russians. He said the campaign wasn’t smart enough to have conspired. As evidence he offered the fact that they were hiring field people to work Pennsylvania in August. (For reference: I worked field operations for Obama in 2012 in a swing state and started in the spring.)

I always thought that Trump’s best defense would be insanity but Ronny Jackson killed that one for him with his glowing report of Trump’s physical and mental health. I’d believe stupidity but to my knowledge that is not a defense against criminal charges in America; although it should be cause for removal from the office of the presidency.

Speaking of Jackson – and perhaps bolstering the case for insanity – not only is Trump touting him for promotion to two-star admiral, he is hiring him back into the White House as Assistant to the President and Chief Medical Advisor. Remember this is amid investigations into serious and credible accusations of misconduct against Jackson. Like so many other Trump actions (i.e. with Vladimir Putin) it makes you wonder what Jackson has on Trump and/or his associates.

I have a difficult time accepting that all this lying is going on other than in an attempt to hide something(s). Of course I’m not gullible enough to believe otherwise.

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