If It’s Thursday…

As is too often the case on Thursdays, today’s is another of my catch up articles. I won’t waste any more ink on the lead in.

You Blew It Again Donald

On Tuesday I watched President Biden’s press conference in which he looked less than his old self, who among other things, was a great debater. Remember that by any fair measure, in 2008 he won the primary debates that included Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.

Recently, at Donald Trump’s instructions, the RNC pulled out of the 2024 Presidential Debates. The only logical conclusion is that Trump did not want to face (at this point) the presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, or questions from the moderators.

Since Trump’s real target audience in the debates is the lowest common denominator (he can’t get the well educated or politically knowledgeable) this was a mistake. With that crowd, sizzle beats steak in a debate without instant fact checks. At first glance, Trump’s malarkey would look better than Biden’s poor presentation.

Relative Economic Policies

Unfairly or not the economy is the Democrats’, and by extension, Biden’s biggest current problem. That begs comparison of Trump’s and Biden’s economic policies. Trump’s major legislative achievement was the Trump Tower Tax Cut which did nothing of significance for Joe Lunchbucket but gave a lot of money – all on the national credit card – to those who need a passport to visit their money while adding somewhere between $1.5 and $2 trillion to the national debt.

Biden’s plans have either kept people on the payroll or put them back to work. They have been targeted to those who actually needed a few more bucks to make ends meet. If you are both wealthy and greedy, long for Trump to return to power; otherwise realize who is buttering your bread and in some case providing it in the first place. Things aren’t as good as we would like them to be but they will get a lot worse if we return Trump to power.

Trump Endorsements

We are still relatively early in the “ballgame” but at this point it is fair to say that for a Republican a Trump endorsement is not a panacea but it certainly helps. While I criticized Biden for what are basically misspeaks and suppressed shudders, Trump’s word salads and flat-out mistakes are still prominent in his appearances. The most interesting occurred in Ohio a few days ago. Trump traveled there to rally for J. D. Vance in his Republican Senatorial primary with Josh Mandel. In doing so he said, “J. P., right J. D. Mandel.” You think he might have memorized the name of the person he was giving his unconditional endorsement to on the plane ride out.

Perhaps America is the winner with Trump pulling pout of the debates. That’s a horror show or three we will be spared from.

McCain’s Poorly Chosen Joke Sounds Sober In Hindsight

During the 2008 campaign John McCain was criticized for joking about bombing Iran. In a recent Trump bashing book, it was revealed that Trump considered launching missile attacks on drug labs in Mexico. That’ right, effectively bombing our neighbor and ally to the south. I’m sure Trump fans are cheering him as a tough guy. How do you think they would feel if Canada bombed militia facilities in the United States because they were fueled unrest in their country?

No Surprise Here

It was revealed that American intelligence helped Ukraine in the sinking of the Moskva. If that was a surprise to you then you really are bad at connecting the dots. Ukraine could not be having the success it is against Russia without some help from their friends. I’m certain that the intelligence agencies of the Five Eyes and Israel are feeding the Ukrainians a lot of data.

Another Hoax Claim Debunked +

If you listened to the right wing, especially early in the pandemic, the whole COVID thing was a hoax designed to hurt Donald Trump politically. (In reality Trump didn’t need any “help” in that department. He was doing enough damage via self-inflicted wounds.) I have long maintained that the COVID numbers were understated, not overstated as the right claimed. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released a report establishing that COVID deaths were about 15 million higher than reported.

OK, that’s enough for today. It’s Wednesday morning as I write this and there is a scheduled Senate vote I want to pay close attention to.

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