If It Wasn’t A Tragedy It Would Be A Comedy

Every day in the Trump era is more amazing than the preceding one. Tuesday was no exception.  Today’s entire article will cover a few of the events from that day alone.  Let’s explore. 

The most interesting vote cast in the Senate in weeks came just before 3pm. In it Trump’s nominee for the Fed, Judy Shelton, failed to be confirmed by a vote of 48 for, 50 against and three not voting.  Shelton was part of Trump’s scorched earth strategy.  She is an economic nutcase who among other things wants to return America to the gold standard.

How the final tally was arrived at is the interesting part. The 50 is relatively easy to explain.  The 47 Senators who caucus with the Democrats voted in the negative.  They were joined by three Republicans: Susan Collins of Maine and Mitt Romney of Utah opposed Shelton.  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky joined them as part of a Senate procedural maneuver.

The 47 ayes were Republicans staying in line and more fearful of Trump than of ruining the international value of the American dollar and the American economy. The three not voting were Lamar Alexander of Tennessee who was absent due to a serious family illness.  Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Rick “The Fifth” Scott of Florida were quarantining after exposure to the coronavirus.  As Trump sycophants COVID-19 may not exist in their minds but apparently it exists in both reality and their bodies.

The evening brought the initial news that the Wayne County (MI) Board of Elections refused to certify the election results. The Board was deadlocked 2-2 on the issue with the two Republican members, Monica Palmer and William Hartmann, refusing to certify over small, routine and normal clerical issues.

In my time in organized party politics I appointed people to county Boards of Elections. I certainly expected my appointees to protect the legitimate interests of the Democratic Party mainly that the registration and election processes were free, fair and accessible.  The results were the results.  In many cases Republicans won.  If they had refused to certify a legitimate vote let’s just say I would have been less than happy and taken swift appropriate action.  I am an American before I am a Democrat!

Keep in mind that Wayne County includes the city of Detroit and has a large Black population. The actions of the Republicans smacked of racist and un-democratic intents.  Fortunately in a few hours the Republicans reconsidered and the Board reconvened voting unanimously to certify.  I wonder what phone calls were made in the interim; more importantly what the content of those calls were.  Had that decision stood I could have foreseen civil unrest.

As the Michigan drama unfolded President Trump fired Christopher Krebs via Twitter. How else from the “brave man”?  In my career I have had to fire people.  It is never pleasant but I always did it face to face.  If I worked for the federal government Trump couldn’t fire me – I’m not on Twitter.  Krebs was in charge of insuring the election was as free from interference as possible and after he declared the 2020 election “The most secure in American history” he was a done for having committed the most unforgivable sin in the Trump era: telling the truth.  I hope Krebs, along with a host of others who suffered similar fates are offered jobs in the Biden administration.  They are the true patriots.

I guess we can debate whether the Trump era has been more of a tragedy or a comedy but one thing is certain – it has been dramatic. Am I the only one looking forward to a relatively boring administration that simply gets the job done or is it just my nostalgia for “No drama Obama”?

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  1. I’ll be glad when things settle down so I can go back to watching Book Notes instead of the latest Trump outrage.

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