I Wasn’t Surprised

News of “mysterious” hysterectomies at an ICE detention center came out over the last few days. That is horrible! However, after having lived in Trump’s America for nearly four years now I wasn’t surprised. That is concerning! Let’s explore.

This story is still developing and the corroboration has been described a light by the responsible press. The corroboration is growing and if you look at the players involved it is believable.

The accusations are of medically unnecessary hysterectomies being performed on detained females in the custody of ICE. A whistleblower, Dawn Wooten, an LPN working at the facility is at the center of the story.

The facility in question is the Irwin County Detention Center (think: prison), located in Ocilla, Georgia and run by LaSalle Corrections a company out of Louisiana. Private prison is the first red flag in my book.

The headline grabbing allegation is that in connection with the facility Dr. Mahendra Amin has performed multiple medically unnecessary hysterectomies on female detainees. Few of these women speak English, they are effectively prisoners, are in a foreign country where they do not know their rights, the laws or customs and have sparse, if any, legal representation. Is it any wonder corroboration and details are slow to emerge?

Let’s take a brief look at Dr. Mahendra who the female inmates at Irwin are calling the “Uterus collector”. In 2015 Dr. Mahendra paid $520,000 to make a Medicare and Medicaid fraudulent billing controversy go away. To me that’s a lot of money to get rid of a false nuisance lawsuit. You make your own decision.

Among Wooten’s other allegations is that the facility did and is doing an inadequate job related to the coronavirus, for which 42 inmates have tested positive (there is every reason to believe the number is an undercount). The accusations include lack of concern, adequate testing, appropriate actions and PPE. When greed is your motivation and racism forms the core of your beliefs what do you care about people of color? Similar charges were leveled against another LaSalle facility located in Louisiana earlier this year. Is this an example of systemic profits over people?

Many on the left have compared refugee detention centers to concentration camps. Unfortunately that appears to be less of an exaggeration with each passing day. This smacks of a forced sterilization effort to me. In a nation where white supremacy is wide spread and there is a history of this type of activity is that fear really that extreme? Hopefully this is an isolated incident confined to one bad apple. I have a feeling this story has legs and we will find out.

I happen to have been born white and have enjoyed white privilege my entire life. (White privilege very much exists in America.) Yet I certainly don’t feel I’m part of some master race and others who do not look like me are sub-human! I guess that is part of why I am considered a liberal. It should be why I’m considered a human being with an above room temperature IQ.

This story shocked but did not surprise me. That is frightening!

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