I Don’t Know Why, But…

Timestamp: Wednesday morning.

Tuesday night the Republicans again proved that they are simply very bad at governing and they can’t run the House of Representatives. I can’t tell you why that is so. I hate to stereotype, especially across time, but that is the only conclusion I can reach presented with the evidence.

The most recent case in point is they brought the impeachment of Alejandro Mayorkas to the House floor and didn’t have the needed votes. Arguably the top skill a legislative leader has to possess is the ability to count votes. Mike Johnson, much like several of his somewhat recent Republican predecessors, obviously can’t count votes. As the House Speaker you do not bring a major issue to the floor until you are certain you have the votes to pass it.

We have a recent legendary House Speaker in Democrat Nancy Pelosi who is a master vote counter. If legend is to be believed she never brought an issue to the floor unless she had the votes. The lone exception, again if legend is to be believed – which the facts seem to bear out – was Obamacare. According to lore, she was four votes short but knew she could get them on the floor during the vote and did.

Tuesday night’s vote was initially a 215 tie. GOP House Conference Chair (and thereby a member of leadership) Blake Moore of Utah changed his vote which enables the GOP to bring up the issue again. With the vote change (a common parliamentary maneuver) the new count became 216-214 against the motion. This measure may pass in the future, perhaps before you read this. Republican Steve Scalise was absent (for very legitimate medical reasons) and will certainly vote in the affirmative in the future. A competent Speaker, which Johnson is certainly not, would have held the issue until he had the votes.

The Republican tally was 212-4, while all 214 Democrats voted nay. The three legitimate Republicans voting nay were the retiring Ken Buck of Colorado, Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin, who came under tremendous pressure from his fellow Republicans, and Tom McClintock of California. Perhaps I should focus my concern on how the 212 actually voted to impeach a Cabinet secretary minus any evidence of an impeachable act. (Has “Trump told me to” become the equivalent of the old, “The devil made me do it”?)

It takes some projecting and I don’t have the current numbers at my disposal, I’ll also admit that this morning I’m too lazy do the research but, this Republican-led congress will go down as if not the, one of the least productive in history. The Republican are still the “Party of no”. They are simply obstructionists. With some modifications they could be a necessary loyal opposition party, but operating as they currently do, they are worse than useless in a democracy.

The Republicans love to get in front of the media and complain. The problem is that they never seem to have solutions to the problems they complain about. (In all honesty, sometimes their complainants have merit.) One of the best bosses I ever had was always willing to listen to a complaint but he wanted it accompanied by a proposed solution. Most of the time he agreed to the solution (sometimes with a relatively minor modification). The genius to his method was you (the complainer) had already bought into the solution/new policy.
Along similar lines I remember being in a green room situation with my Republican counterpart (we were both County Chairs) before we addressed a group of college students. He grumbled about one individual who always complained at meeting but when questioned never has a solution proposal.

That is where I find the current congressional Republicans. They are good at complaining but terrible at legislating effective solutions. The current version may well be the worst. They complain about the border (and some of what they complain about is legitimate) but when an albeit imperfect solution, constructed largely on their terms, is presented they want to sink it. (And I predict they will.) One lesson illustrated here is: don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good, (or in this case at least improved).

I hate to generalize and I certainly don’t know why; but Republicans are simply very bad at running anything and legislating.

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